Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cabo Wabo!

Time to catch up...here's a vacation wrap-up that I wrote awhile ago...
Author's Disclaimer: You're about to see more vacation pictures than you're probably wanting to see...but the fact that you're even at this site tells me you're interested enough to look at a few of them. Another note - I got tired of rearranging the pictures, so please don't mind this disjointed post. :) Enjoy.

The open-air lobby

The search for the perfect dessert

We made it back into the country unscathed Saturday night after a relaxing vacay in Mexico. We stayed at Dreams Los Cabos Resort and we highly recommend it! As the hotel greeter handed me a cool towel upon arrival to place on my neck after our ride across the desert by mule (or Taxi Van), I knew I was in the right place.

We went with Rachel and Justin and our main activites were lying by the pool and waiting for our next meal. It was an all-inclusive resort, which Brent and I had never done before, and I imagine the food situation is similar to how people describe the endless buffets of a cruise (which is also something I've never done before). Seriously, if I went 5 minutes without shoving something in my face it felt like too long. Honestly, by the last day I felt like it was best that we leave so we could leave behind our gluttonous ways. The food was wonderful and the Miami Vices from the swim-up bar were delicious. I could never think of "Miami Vice" when it was time to order, and I always wanted to say, "I'll take a Miles Davis..." nooo, that's not right...."How about a Mint Condition, please..." All I could think of were these musicians of the past. I wonder what drink I would have gotten if I had ordered a Miles Davis? Probably something with tequilla in it.

This one is for you, Las Vegas travelers. I call it..."Ode to Walter Matthau"

Brent and I spent a lot of time under the umbrellas. Neither of us got burnt really thanks to our diligent sun protection efforts, but I did get sun poisioning. I think it's just something my skin does now. As Mom suggested, our next vacation should maybe be somewhere northern...maybe a nice ski trip?
There was a water slide in the "Cool Pool" where all the chairs were reserved by 9:00. We always went to the not-as-cool pool because who wants to fight over a pool lounge at 9:00 a.m.? Not this girl! On the last day, we moved our towels to the Cool Pool later in the day so we could experience the fun. We found out that not all that glitters is gold, because as it turns out what we had was better all along, anyway. You have to go off the beaten path sometimes...

Views of A-List Pool:

ANYWAY, the Cool Pool had a water slide. I believe this may have been intended for children only, but on the last day I couldn't stand it any longer and hurled myself down the slide. Now I was a bit concerned about the width of the slide since I had just witnessed a larger man get stuck there the day before and have to scoot himself down. I threw caution to the wind and hoped to not be embarrassed. I ended up flying down the slide, which was so surprising to me that I let out a hair-splitting scream, which is NOT how you want to behave at your one visit to the Cool Pool as you take a turn on a kid's water slide. We all took a few turns and I have to say that I wish I had had enough Miami Vices to try the slide on Day #1.

Miami Vice in hand...not the best idea I've ever had. Sorry for dumping it in the pool, Dreams!

He knows he rocks it at his pool.

It was a wonderful vacation and it was sad to come back to reality...but the show must go on. There are dandelions to kill in the yard and bug carcasses to sweep up off the floor! (Thank you, Terminix!!)

Our wonderful travel companions who we can't wait to vacation with again soon!

One of those is our room.


The Bigelows said...

it looks like a great vacation! glad you could get away and relax! :)

Rachel said...

Best blog post ever! Seriously though, I think you summed up our wonderful vacation quite nicely. We had blast and have many great memories!

Megan said...

I was eagerly awaiting vacay pictures. Looks like you had a blast. It's good to see that it IS possible after all to have a good time in Mexico...when there's not a tropical depression and you get food poisoning. (I wasn't going to bring that up before you went.) Look at your schedule girly. We gotta get a zoo/shopping trip penciled in.