Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You know how you avoid doing something so long that it becomes this seemingly monumental task? That's how I'm feeling about posting something good on the blog. And then you also know about the wonderful feeling you have once you sit down and do your chore, and then you think, "Huh...that wasn't so hard!" Here goes nothing.

Brent Updates:
Brent is excited that he has three days of work left before we leave for Cabo. He's headed to the mall as we speak to buy himself some new shorts since the zipper busted on his two pairs he wears all the time. I also have to add that he's stopping by an alterations place to drop off said shorts because he loves them so much and can't stand to throw them away. Since he's had these shorts since high school I say "Chuck 'em!", but this is also the man who I had to beg to buy new tennis shoes after he'd worn the same pair for approximately six years. I guess it's good that he doesn't like to spend money on clothes, because I'm a bit of a clothes-horse!

Brent's friend Jonathan and his girlfriend, Megan, came for a visit on Friday night. We grilled out, had strawberry shortcake, and played game upon game of Euchre. Here we are:

Another Brent update is that he is running again and still hanging onto hope for the mini marathon this Saturday! If he does it he'll be run/walking, but it's still a great improvement from just a few months ago when his knee was still bad.

Lindsey Update:

I hosted a baby shower for ex-BKD girl Christi last Saturday. Christi is due to have a girl, Peyton, on June 18th. She is that super-cute, all belly type of pregnant. We had a great time at the shower and I believe the highlight was Candy judging the Play-Doh baby contest. She wouldn't let Christi's Prairie Baby win, because as she explained, "You're getting enough presents already." We drank punch from martini glasses with limes (everything went back to the pink and green theme) and enjoyed the Cinammon, Wonderful, Sift-Flour-and-Add-Coffee-Most-Complicated-Cupcakes-In-The-World. They're worth it!!

My classes finished up this week with a group presentation on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was a big hit...the YouTube clips in the presentation do it everytime. Many thanks to Carrie (a blog-lurker) for helping us coordinate the interviews and giving us info for the presentation!

On Saturday we went to Saint Louis with Bob and Big Lou for my cousin Melissa's wedding. All the cousins were there except for my siblings - one stayed put in Denver and the other took his gf to her senior prom.

Baby Fever....
My cousin Jared's baby, Alex, whose wonderful mom brought him over to me so I could get a few baby sniffs. Brent would not partake in the sniffing.

On Sunday morning we drove to Mt. Vernon, where Rob and I were both born, to go to our old church and have lunch with old friends. Brent and I overslept (because we're responsible adults) and we were late for church. Waaaa-waaaa. Wait a minute...that happens every Sunday! Since we were late we were hoping to just slip in the back unnoticed, but no such luck. It's a smaller church, and the pastor says, "I believe Ron and Karen have some guests to introduce!" Hilarious! My parents had really good church friends back when we lived in Mt. Vernon and we saw some of them again for the first time in 18 years this weekend. 18 years...wowsas!

After lunch at the Cracker Barrel we drove the hour north to Effingham to pay Mama and Baleigh a drive-by howdy. No Lori - she was playing in a golf tournament in Carbondale where they will be moving at the end of May.

Just a Sunday afternoon art project - Tiki Masks

MaMa with a Frankenstein mask

In other news, I FINALLY committed to a weekend in Boston with Mel. I found a flight out of Chicago for $129 and nearly fell out of in my office chair (I looking for flights on my lunch break, like any responsible employee would do...). However, I did NOT book right away and by Sunday night the same flight was $284. Phhhhh. Did I not learn my lesson with those Packers tickets on Stubhub last fall? NO! By today there was one for $233, but I'm going to roll the dice for awhile and see what Lady Luck can do.

Alright, I've gone on and on about nothing, I am fully aware. If you're still reading, thank you, blog fan, for patiently waiting for a substantial post and not just a one-liner about The Office.

I leave with this quote from The Office:
"Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make." Michael Scott


Rachel said...

Yay for an update! The shower looked very nice and classy...almost makes me want to have a baby so I can have a cute shower! Also, I've meant to say this before, but I like that green dress on you! Cabo in 6 days! woot!!

Brent and Lindsey Stevenson said...

1. I highly recommend that you have a baby so I can throw you an awesome shower and also smell all your baby's smells.
2. Thanks, I love that dress as well. I may bring it to Cabo.
3. I can't believe we're leaving soon! Get me outta here!!!

Megan said...

I love your Office quotes. We are FAITHFUL watchers. I also think you look beautious in the green dress. Emerald is a good color for you, cuz. And when you do have a baby, I will partake in sniffing. Don't you worry.