Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not to Beat This Thing to Death...But...

I am revising my 7 things. I read back through my list and thought, "Who the heck is that! Those things aren't weird or random at all!" I am actually not that normal. So here is my revised list to replace my super boring, pretty normal, snoozeroo weird things.

1. During the span of my third grade to around my sixth grade year, whenever there was a storm watch I would go down to our basement and hang out there for hours. Like I guess I just thought I was getting a jump on everyone else in my family who would surely be joining me eventually when the big tornado ripped through. I had a beach chair set up down there and would read and read, finishing whole books in a single Storm Watch. Keep in mind that we lived in an old old house and the basement was not finished with a home theater and a ping pong table like these whipper-snappers have today.

2. I started a board game club one summer in elementary school. Everyone in my class was invited, but I think only 2 people came.

3. I've been known to wear a bathing suit under my clothes. It's great tummy control. As I've told Emma before - "Cheap Spanks!" I have gotten out of the habit though, because it's just so darn hard to go to the bathroom.

4. I have an irrational, uneasy feeling everytime I fly, but I love to travel. I've seen too many plane crash movies. When we took the red-eye back from Kauai this summer I just kept thinking about the TWA crash off Long Island since I had just seen a news story about it the day before. After sitting on the runway forever in the dark and then taking off over the dark Pacific, I pretty much had a panic attack and, crying, told Brent that I just wanted to live to see my family again. I think he laughed at me, which is actually the appropriate response to your 24 year-old crying wife when she says "I want my mom!" Haha...sorry Brent :) In my defense, I DID have bronchitis and was probably running a very high, delusional fever.

And with that, I think I'm stopping the list...because I've gone from boring to........pathetic.


The Bigelows said...

oh no! i liked your new list! i never new the first two things about you. and i even knew you when you lived in that old house...even if you were my arch-nemesis then! :) (i really just wanted to use that word)

Megan said...

You left out what you used to call your swimming suit. We still call them himming-huits around here in your honor!

If it makes you feel better I also hate to fly. Part of the control freak in me I think.

Brent and Lindsey Stevenson said...

Hahaha..."I'm going himmin' in my himmin' huit." Thank you, Big Lou, for not giving me an S name.

Dumuro said...

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