Thursday, October 4, 2007

Taxes and S-Corps and Contracts, oh my!

Sound scary? It is. I'm home from work today and studying to take the Regulation section of the CPA exam in the morning. I needed a break and thought it would be wise to post on the blog.

Brent has been in San Antonio since Sunday visiting wounded soldiers at the Fort Sam Houston medical facility and monitoring the launch of a new debit card program for families of wounded soldiers. He's on a flight home as we speak and will be here shortly. I'm glad!

Meanwhile, my parents' dog Maddie kept me company this week. I'm very glad she's visiting because it made it much less lonely at night. Maddie and I enjoyed watching The War and she enjoyed my graham crackers, cheese, buttered toast, spinach pasta, and her own Mighty Dog. This morning was Chicken with Cheese - her favorite!

In other news, this is the weekend that we've all been waiting for....Apple Festival Weekend!!! I have mentally been mapping out my plan of attack this year - do I start with a fritter like normal or is it better to work up to it with some potato soup and a pork tenderloin? I usually start with the fritter first because I like to consume as many as possible. Sheesh, this is a tough call.

Back to studying. I'll leave you with a few random pictures before I go...

I Love My Cousins!!
Baleigh, Michael (on the couch), Landon and I - Labor Day weekend

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner...
My cousin Megan's baby, Landon - he's our favorite punkin' pie!

Brent and I on the Hilton Resort beach where we stayed on the eastern part of Kauai. It was a wonderful honeymoon.

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