Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Long Weekend + A Short Week = Nothing to Complain About

Hello blog friends! My weekly blog/weekend recap is long overdue. I hope you haven't been pining away for a glimpse into our lives. Oh, you weren't?

On Friday Brent took the day off and I took the CPA exam early in the morning, so we enjoyed a free afternoon in Broad Ripple. We had never really gone during the day so we took advantage of a warm and sunny fall day. We ate outside at Bazbeaux's Pizza, which was as good as we expected and more. Then we shopped around at all the cute little stores and bought a birthday gift for Brent's mom and a picture for our upstairs bathroom. I had my eye on this awesome metal witch with a spring for a neck, but thought $65 was enough to pass it up. Plus, her head kind of tilted up and I don't know if you could see her face if you drove by on the street (she was for the front door). For a $65 Halloween decoration you must demand perfection.

On Friday evening we headed for Kendallville with Maddie, The Amazing Barking Dog, sandwiched in the back of the Bravada between The Little Giant ladder and my large suitcase (for 3 nights). Poor girl! Poor travel conditions AND no Smarties at the Stevensons' made it a rough week for her. She kissed the ground when she made it back to her own driveway. Then she barked.

Saturday was filled with a little Apple Fest in the scorching heat followed by the drive to Lafayette for the Purdue/Ohio State game. We made it in time for a few hours of tailgating and visiting with old coworkers, and that was pretty much the highlight of the evening. You know the rest of the story.

Sunday was our big day at the Fest and was our time to consume all the food we could because one year is a long time to wait for another apple fritter. So I ate three (for the whole weekend - what do you think I am, a chow-hound?) We went with Ashley and met up with Laura and Mel later. Mel decided to come home from Boston as a surprise and it was great to see her for at least a few minutes before she headed to Auburn to visit her family. I can't wait to go to Boston to see her - soon Mel, very soon...

To conclude our eating weekend, Brent and I stopped at Casa Grille on Dupont on our way back to Indy Monday afternoon. That's right, another perk of working for the government - Columbus Day! I never knew it was one of my favorite holidays!

What we're thankful for this week:
Brent - "You." I told him no repeats, so his second choice is "Getting Monday off", followed by - "Why don't you make one up for me?" He loves the blog.
Me - old friends, that Lisa is doing so well in med school and loving it, my family....and Brent. :)

Upcoming events to be excited about:
The Lawrence Mini-Marathon/Laura and Becca coming to visit
The Oglesby's Halloween Party
The Sinders' Anniversary Dinner
The Bigelow's First Anniversary
The Hannah Montana concert (just kidding - I'm not going, but look forward to hosting Lori, Baleigh and Jensin that weekend)

Hour one of the Apple Festival - already seeking shade in the primitive area

That's one hot pioneer

Tailgating behind the intramural lot

I love wearing my jersey - but a word to the wise: mesh does NOT seem as breathable as you would think - unless maybe it's just me.

Boiler Up, Sweaty Brent!

The Outback Blimp

Maddie, The Amazing Barking Dog
Waiting for a Smartie

The Sunday Dinner guests of the week before we partake of the sauce that Nick and Stormy had to trade their second-born son to get the recipe for. It's good....but maybe not that good.

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Rachel said...

Hey! I enjoy your blog! :-) My plan was to finish a paper this morning, but I decided I wanted to procrastinate instead! Your blog is a wonderful form of procrastination! Now I could email you to procrastinate even more! See ya tomorrow!