Monday, February 6, 2012

Four Months.

Mr. Jack, how are you four months old already?  You are so much fun.  You are spunky and such a sweetie.  As you get stronger, I see glimpses of the rough and tumble guy I think you're becoming.  I'm excited to see how you'll change in the next several months but don't want you to get any bigger, either!  You're my favorite little guy.

Weight - I'm guessing around 13 pounds.  We'll have another official weight check next Tuesday.

Length - You're getting longer all the time!  Look at those long legs!  

Head Circumference - TBA at your 4-month well-baby check.

Clothing Size - You're in all size 3-6 month sleepers now and I have some 9 month sizes washed and ready to go, mainly because of your length.  You're starting to bust out of your size 1 diapers and we should probably move you into size 2 now.  You're still wearing your BGs when we're at home (and if they're clean), and we leave 3 snaps in the middle.

Hair - You lost some of that gorgeous hair between months three and four.  You've got a little bald patch on the back of your head now.  

Sleeping - You are sleeping through the night pretty consistently now (::knocks on wood::).  You go to bed around 8:30 - 9:00 and sleep until 5:30 or 6:00, then usually go back down again an hour later.  You take two short morning naps and a longer two or three hour nap in the afternoon.  

Eating - You eat 4-5 oz every two - three hours. You have about 14-15 oz of breast milk first from what I pumped the day before and then we finish the day with formula.  Our goal is to get you to around 30-35 oz a day if you seem interested...and I've never seen you turn down a bottle.  You are now exclusively bottle fed.  We are mulling around the idea of starting cereal because you are very interested in what we're eating.  We'll talk to the pediatrician about it next week and then maybe give it a try sometime this month.     

Movement - You are an active guy!  You're always trying to get down from our laps.  I'm not sure what your game plan is, but we suspect that when you can crawl you will be constantly on the move!  Dad put together your jumperoo and while you're interested, you unfortunately aren't heavy enough to touch the ground yet.  Waa.waa.waa.  I think once you can actually jump you'll like it more.  Hopefully.   

"Watch out, 5 month'll never make it through the next photo shoot"  

Milestones - You now consistently roll from belly to back whenever we do tummy time.  You've gotten to your side while on your back, but no back to belly rolling yet.  You're SO close and I'm hoping it happens when we're home with you so we can be the first to see it.  You can support yourself with your arms while you're on your tummy for long periods of time.  You started reaching for and grabbing your toys between months three and four, and you have been squealing at us quite a bit for the last week or so.  You sit well with support, and you love to stand.  You started laughing at us the last few weeks, too.    

You met your permanent nanny this month and so far all is going very well!  You seem to have good days with her and she makes up fun games for you.

I almost forgot - you've been holding your own bottle the last several days!  Not every time, but you get at least one hand on it each time.  So independent!

Favorite toys/activities - You like "This Little Piggy" and the game when I flip the end of the burp cloth back and forth between your hands.  Hey, whatever it takes.  Dad discovered a great chant that sent you into your first laughs..."Sleep Sheep!  Sleep Sheep!  Sleep Sheep!"  You like it best when Dad and I say it in unison.  You pretty much think that anything Dad says is great, but Momma has to work a little harder at it.    

Your favorite books at "Moo, Baa, La-La-La" and "Barnyard Dance".  I try to mix others into your repertoire from time to time, but you're not interested.  It might have something to do with the great animal sounds in those books. 

Dislikes - Being still, burping (which you despise even more than you did last month), an empty bottle.

What we love - We love your sweet face and your smiles.  You've been talking up a storm and our conversations with you are the best we have all day.

"Mom, have you seen these before?  I have feet!"

What we don't love - Fussy times, having to struggle with your very strong little body to burp you, and cold winter days when we can't get out for a walk.

What we're looking forward to - Checking on all your stats at your appointment next month, starting solids at some point, and the birth of another friend, LP Hetrick!  



Emma and Greg said...

Awww! Great post mama Stevenson :) and we can't wait for LP to meet jack too! yay for friends! :) miss you!

Mom of Steele said...

Jack sounds a lot like Landon was at that age! He couldn't touch the floor in the jumperoo right away either so we put a pillow on the floor under him. He was a jumping bean after that!

Emily said...

so handsome! he's a doll, linds!