Sunday, February 19, 2012

Abercrombie & Fitch, you make a very sturdy shirt

This is the shirt Rob was wearing the night of his accident.  It wasn't given to us in a bag with the rest of his things that Sunday morning - (his belt, the jeans that were cut off him, and one boot).  Bob actually found it days later, at the scene of the accident, in a field.  There's a little hole on the right shoulder and a couple of faint blood stains, that I think I can still probably take care of.  Pretty amazing, really.

And so is Rob.  Tomorrow morning, he has an appointment with his orthopedic doctors, and if they lift his non-weight bearing status, we go straight back to Parkview for physical rehab. 

Thanks for all your continued support, and especially your prayers.  Rob, you're a miracle..... and your shirt held up pretty well too.   

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