Thursday, February 9, 2012

The American opposed to the English Patient....okay, the Hickory Hill Hood Patient

  Since Lindsey is so busy working and taking care of our adorable and exceptional grandson, Jack, this will be a post from Mom   We just want to keep you all updated on Rob, who is recovering in a hospital bed, in our guest room.  (Lindsey's former bedroom - there's a wall of clouds behind him and lots of stuffed animals and some dolls)

Rob did come home from Fort Wayne via ambulance on January 30th, his 23rd birthday.  That same day, I delivered a birthday cake to the good folks at Parkview ICU.  It read:  " Happy 23rd Birthday Rob Pillers,  Thanks to God and Parkview."  One of the nurses on duty in the ICU just happened to be Andrea, who was his nurse on Sunday morning, December 11th.  Can you believe it?  Also, thanks to the nice people at the Kendallville Dairy Queen who gave Rob a complimentary ice cream cake for his birthday.

Bob and I are trying to be good nurses.  We learned how to flush his feeding tube, and how to give him his anticoagulant injections.  (I hate giving him the injections, so if Bob is home, he does it) Rob still doesn't have much of an appetite, although it is improving.   Milkshakes with some added protein powder are his current favorite. 

He has an appointment with his orthopedic doctors on February 20th, and hopefully, keep your fingers crossed, he will go from their office to the Parkview Rehab floor that same day.  Since he will have to travel to Fort Wayne in an ambulance for this appointment, it will be really swell if this all works out.  Please continue to pray for his complete recovery, and that we will be able to move forward with his physical rehabilitation.  Also, if you have time, he would appreciate visitors, so stop by......I'm pretty sure he's tired of our hovering.

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Anonymous said...

Soooo happy to have him back on Hickory Hill!! :-)