Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What October 26 Looks Like This Year...

The first winter storm of the year has hit the Front Range of CO, and I'm told it's actually pretty late this year.  The forecast called for a foot, but we escaped with around eight inches today.  Only.  The good news is that it should be gone in a few days and temperatures will be back to almost 70 this weekend.  The weather here is just ridiculous.

I know, Jack.  I'm shocked, too!

The terrier loves it.

In other news, Jack is three weeks old today!  We celebrated by getting his blood drawn, again, for the 2nd newborn genetic screening done by the state.  I hate when people are poking around on my little buddy!  I promise we'll do something more fun for your one month "birthday", like eat an entire DQ Blizzard cake.    


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Emma and Greg said...

Hahaha! Greg and I laughed so hard when we saw Jacks shocked look... Hes amazed at the snow too :) So cute! Stay warm u crazy characters! Love and miss u!