Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jack's Birth Story

You know how I was going to let the baby decide when it wanted to be born?  Well, in my first real act as his mother, I decided that "Lima Bean" had had enough time and scheduled an induction for Tuesday night, 10/4/11, at 41 weeks.  It was really hard for me to make the decision, but what tipped the scale for me is when my favorite doctor offered to come over to the hospital and do a special delivery for me on Wednesday, even though he wasn't on call.  Fair enough, 10/5/11 it is!  We also found out after he was born that 10/5 is the most popular birthday, statistically speaking.  Eh, I've lived 28 years without knowing that, but it was totally not intentional.

41 weeks, headed for the hospital

We went in to the hospital at 8 on Tuesday night, I had my first dose of Cytotek at 9, the next at 1, and at 4 a.m. I woke up with pretty frequent contractions. When I was checked at 5:15, I was at 5 cm. The contractions were coming every minute and lasting a minute long, and it was just ridiculously intense. I tried out the tub for all of four contractions and then called uncle and asked for the epidural. I'm really glad and I don't regret it for a minute because it gave me some time to rest. I was able to get it right away, and at 8:00 I was at 9 cm. My water was broken at that point and we pretty much just waited another couple hours for the head to keep coming down before I pushed. The day nurse who helped me push was so awesome and encouraging. I asked for my epidural to be turned down so I could feel the contractions, and that helped a ton. She called over my favorite doctor from the office when the head crowned, and about three minutes after he arrived Jack was born at 11:53 a.m. I pushed for just a little over an hour and Brent didn't pass out.  It was really a perfect birth experience and went SO MUCH BETTER than I had ever imagined.  The whole thing could not have been a more positive experience, and seeing our little boy come into the world was just amazing. Amazing.

Jack isn't a family name, but I've always loved it.  My Jack Robert comes from a long line of Roberts - my grandpa, dad, and brother all share it as a first name.  

His first pictures:

"You're sending me home with these people?!  They don't know what they're doing!"

Welcome home, Jack!

Meeting his sister.  She is just beside herself.  



ashley said...

that sounds like a perfect birth story! we are so happy for you and can't wait to meet jack!

and i have to say i didn't know that random fact about 10/5 either until my brother told me (it's his b-day)...and then it made sense. i counted and mr. jack is the 4th person i know with the bday of 10/5!

Emma and Greg said...

Awww... Jack is beautiful! So adorable :) I absolutely LOVE the pic of u holding him in the hospital, so sweet! And of course the nervous pic of him... What a great face :) he will fit in great with all of us crazies ;) ps: u look AMAZING in the pic on the front porch... Just beautiful! Anyway, the Stevenson family looks wonderful! Enjoy every minute and give Jack lots of hugs and kisses from the crazy hetricks in Hoosier land ;) miss u!

Rachel said...

Awesome story!

I think we need a "what Bonnie thinks of baby Jack" post. I'm willing to bet there might be some good stories!

Stormy said...

Can't wait to meet him in person and pass on some "grandmere-ish love to Jack! Even though Emmet is over 30, I still remember bringing him home from the hospital - so exciting and so scary. And now he's a dad and you're a mom! The fabulous circle of life...

Jason and Kacina said...

He is just perfect Lindsey! Congratulations to you and Brent. It sounds like the perfect beginning to an exciting new journey. I can't wait to read all about your life with him :)