Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Jack and I had a busy day here.  I went to a doctor's appointment and on the way we stopped at my work so I could show him off.  Both outings took way longer than expected, and we got home just in time for trick or treat.  We had about 50 trick or treaters, which is more than we've ever had but still doesn't compare to my childhood days on Diamond Street when my mom would pass out candy to hundreds of kids.

Our little hot dog loves his Halloween costume!



Emma and Greg said...

Awww... cutest hot dog ever! Your hot do has a first name... its J. A. C. K! Love the costume and hope the stevenson family is doing wonderful :) Love and miss you!

Bob and LouAnne said...

It looks like he really loves Halloween. I think he's probably already planning his costume for next year!

Lindsey said...

You know it, Big Lou! He's just like his dad - loves to wear a costume!

Emma - thanks for your comment love, lady. I love that and love you!