Sunday, September 25, 2011

Depressurizing the Cabin

This weekend went way too fast for my liking.  Brent and I both worked yesterday and then were pretty tired when we got home, so it was kind of a wasted day.  We did have breakfast together at Le Peep before parting ways to our separate offices, and that was nice.

Today we woke up with an agenda.  We talked about the things we had to do and the things we wanted to do and then sprung into action.  After a quick stop at Starbucks for my 14th (give or take) Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, we headed up the mountains to Bailey where we planned to get on the Colorado Trail for a hike.  Our main objective was to find a bumpy dirt road around 9 - 10,000 feet and  try a tactic that I have named "depressurizing the cabin", if you will.  Brent works with a woman who swears that going up to high altitude sends women into labor every time.  As of 8:20 p.m., it appears the only thing this accomplished was tearing up our front bumper when we got our car stuck in a ditch, and adding to the number of times I've had to pee in the woods.  I'm up to two now, and that's two too many in my book.  You've never had fun until you've squatted behind a pine tree at 40 weeks pregnant, I'll tell ya.

Bonnie sure had a good time though.  She loved the Colorado Trail!  We didn't hike very far because I am a weenie, but soon enough I will be like a real person again.

We've been really productive the rest of the day - hanging pictures, clearing out the boxes in the guest bedroom to prepare for a growing schedule of fall visitors, getting groceries, etc.  Now we're settled in our basement watching the Colts game and eating Chicken Tortilla soup.  Mmmmmmm.  Go Colts!

Bring on another week!



Amanda said...

You poor thing!! Peeing outdoors is not an ideal situation for any lady, let alone 40 weeks pregnant!! I sure hope thy baby decides to come soon!!! I can't wait to know the gender! Hang in there! I wouldn't know what to do if I had to wait.... Planned c-section is my style!! :)
Good luck... It will happen soon.. I hope!

Emma and Greg said...

Awww... i thought for sure those rough and tumble trails would have knocked LimaBean loose! :) Well hang in there, i've been praying that you progress any day now... so hang on to your socks lady, i've got a good feeling! :) PS: i will call you this evening regarding travel plans and details... Yay! Love and miss!