Sunday, October 24, 2010

Read Between the Wine

I am excited to report that the inaugral meeting of Indianapolis' hottest new book club, Read Between the Wine, went off without a hitch last Wednesday night.  We were unfortunately missing half of our members, but we'll catch up with them again in November and get another real group picture.    

We met at Rachel's and discussed Litte Bee by Chris Cleave.  The general consensus was that we liked the story, but weren't particularly fond of many of the characters.  It's a good depiction of the clash between the Western world and other cultures and the exploitation of Africa.  We may hear about the struggles of others on the news, but until it stares us in the face - like it did for a British couple on a Nigerian beach - it's hard to remember what reality might be for other people.  It's also a great reminder to appreciate what we have.

Next month we'll be meeting at our house and reading The Devil in the White City.  I can't wait!



Bob and LouAnne said...

A little more Charlie in the picture next time, please.

Rachel said...

That LouAnne is a smart woman!

Emily said...

Ditto on the Charlie! ;)