Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bob Villa's Little Helper

I bought a DVD cabinet from Overstock recently to prepare for the day when we would finally toss the enormous, beat up entertainment unit in our living room.  It always annoyed me that your first focal point when walking into our living room was tons of DVDs in a beat-up old stand.  I can't complain too much about the entertainment center, because it has served us well for five years, ever since that fateful night when Brent and I spotted it in the dumpster of River Ridge and painstakingly drug it into our apartment.  That sucker was heavy.  And then we moved it again into our new house, and there it has sat.

So my plan was to put our DVDs in this little beauty:

And replace the entertainment center with one of these:

My plan is finally complete, thanks to two people.  The first is my dad, who tore apart the entertainment center while visiting two weeks ago and assembled my new shelves.  The second is Bonnie, the Helpful Little Terrier.

Here we are putting the DVD cabinet together:

You'd like to sit right there, huh?

Don't mind me...I just need to rest my head here on your door.  What a day I've had!

There's really no sense trying to move her.




ashley said...

what about the before and after pictures! :)

Emily said...

hello - finished product, please!

Emily said...

p.s. i always love a pic with bonnie in it!