Monday, August 16, 2010

Lady A Cancels Concert for Freezer Meal Prep

Friday was the long-awaited Lady Antebellum concert in Springfield at the Illinois State Fair.  I was so pumped about this for two reasons - 1.) It's Lady A, what more needs to be said? and 2.) I hadn't gotten to really visit with my cousin Megan and her family in awhile and had never been to their house. 

The clouds start to roll in as we get in line to park. is consulted at this point, and sure enough -  it isn't looking good.

Waiting in line to park - here comes the dust with the wind from the growing storm.  We were a little concerned that maybe we should bail out of the car for a ditch because it was THAT loud, but no one else seemed too concerned.

It started pouring shortly after we entered the fair gates, and we huddled in a concrete tunnel with a hundred other people.  That's always fun.  At least we had plenty of options when finding someone to take our picture!

We found our seats and waited and talked...and waited and talked some more, all the while the lightning flashed across the sky.  It never even dawned on me that the concert might be cancelled until we got to the start time and no one had made a move to uncover the equipment.  Here I was mainly concerned about getting wet, but the real issue was the lightning.  Around nine they made the announcement - the show would not go on.

"Here, take my waaaa-waaaa picture by this dumpster.  It's appropriate."
Like those boots?  They were purchased during a lapse in my better judgment while in Colorado.  I love them...but my opportunities to wear them are pretty limited.  I had some hot doggies Friday night, but if you're not going to wear your boots to the country concert at the fair, where DO you wear them?

We started discussing plans for the rest of our evening as we headed for the car...and then, we couldn't find the car.  In our Lady A/tornado excitement, I guess we forgot to make a mental note of where we parked.  So there we are, trotting up and down each row in the rain, pressing the panic button and laughing.  People in cars were laughing, too.  Ha. funny, jerks.  :P  We were way off...but it only took us twenty minutes or so to find the car.  It happened in the knick of time, because despite the laughter, I think desperation was setting in.

Megan sliced her foot open sometime during the Great Parking Debacle

We switched gears back to being responsible adults who can find their cars on Saturday and prepped ourselves to make a ton of freezer meals.  Uncle Jeff and Aunt Conni joined us for the day which was a nice surprise!  Before we got really immersed ourselves in the kitchen, we all went out to D'Arcys Pint for lunchtime Horseshoes, a Springfield specialty.  It's a piece of texas toast topped with the meat of your choice, all smothered in french fries and a delectable cheese sauce.  These were featured on Man vs. Food last year.

Troopers waiting for a table.



I think it's safe to say that we had a productive freezer meal day.  We now have Tri Kappa Chicken Casserole, Chicken and Bows, Freezer Burritos, and French Onion Soup to get us through busy evenings for awhile.


Thanks for the hospitality, Kutschers!  Hope to see you again soon!



Rachel said...

Bummer about the concert!

Did you know that the Man vs. Food episode tonight is at Bub's in Carmel?

ashley said...

you are rockin those boots! :)

Larissa said...

HELLO WAA WAA...Im glad youre still keeping it alive!