Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Very Hawkshaw Weekend

Mom and Dad picked me up right after work on Friday on their way to Effingham for a full weekend of family activities.  First on the agenda - hearing the Naked Sissies play at The Orchard Inn.  Mom's cousin is the drummer in this local central Illinois band and she and Lori had wanted to see them for awhile.  I of course tagged along because I hate to miss any action.

The band was great and there were plenty of old friends there for my parents to talk to.  The highlight for me was the Creeper McCreeperson in the tight orange tank top, athletic shorts, and 1994 Air Jordan high-tops dancing by himself the whole time.  It was all fun and games until he started pulling his pants down...

I got a little video of him, as did about five other people that night.  I'm not much of a people watcher, but I'm pretty sure he wanted to be watched.  It's not the best video but gives you a slight indication of his sweet moves.  Don't worry, his pants are still on...

After watching it again, I think my favorite part is the little "dance-through" around 0:08.

Disclaimer for the rest of the post: Sorry about the pictures.  They're all from my phone and aren't very good.

On Saturday we loaded up again and headed south to Carbondale to hang out at Lori's and do the Southern Illinois Wine Trail.  We got a pretty late start and only ended up doing two wineries, but that was one more than I made it through last time.  Success!

Bandit, the Newfoundland, was so hot that he just had to come inside.  After being shooed out a few times, the manager finally gave up and let him stay inside.  We were glad. 

Deunkel Dog - the official beer of the SIU Salukis

After the wineries closed, we had to switch gears to Hawkshaw Reunion Prep mode. The girls went to the grocery store for all the fixin's to make baked beans, pasta salad, oatmeal cookies, and, well, watermelon for the reunion on Sunday.

New Illinois state law - all fruit larger than your head needs to wear a safety restraint.  Didn't you hear?

Ma-Ma tells us the story of how the Hankins came to be the "Hawkshaw" tribe.  It's something that Grandpa Hankins told all the kids when they were little, and it stuck.   

Any Hawkshaws out there have a group picture from Sunday?  Princess Running Turtle Lori?  Please send it my way if you do! 


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Picture coming your way, Lil' Hawkshaw Youngblood!