Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weekend Update

Greetings, Blog Friends!  Hope you all had a nice weekend and are rested up to begin a new week.  I'm not quite ready to start another week and think another day, just ONE more, would be great.  Yeah, that would make all the difference. 

This past week was filled with fun plans.  On Monday night my friend Lisa and I met at Keystone for coffee while Brent went to the Pacers' game with one of his friends from work.  The ex-BKD Girls' Club met at The Cheesecake Factory on Thursday night for dinner.  Yesterday I went home for a hair appointment and to hang out with Ashley and my favorite pigtailed 14 month old.  My only pictures of this post were stolen from Ashley's blog...

And Ashley introduced me to Glee while we fried up our fritters.  Love it!  And I also loved making the fritters, a personal deep-fried favorite of mine.  As I said to Ashley, "I think I could stand here and fry things up all day!"
Thanks for the fun Saturday, Bigelow Ladies!  I wish we could do it more often!!

Brent, Adam and I started off the day bright and early this morning with the Bricks to Bricks 10-miler downtown for the last event of the week.  I ran the whole thing, and the best news is that if I keep my pace, I'll finish the mini under my goal time of 2:30!  I probably shouldn't jinx myself, because a lot can happen in those last 3 miles.  I could trip and roll around on the ground, get frustrated and give up, be run down by a pack of rabid 75 year old men wearing ankle weights (these are usually the type of people who pass me at the end) - well, you get the picture.  But the good news is that I at least think I'm both mentally and physically prepared to finally meet my goal.  And you know how I love to check off a goal. 

Before I go, I would like to congratulate the entire Smith family on the birth of the next generation of "Smith Boys" - twins Henry Michael and Eli Nicholas, born Wednesday.  They were a little early but are doing very well.  Welcome, Smithlings!


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