Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let There Be Light

When Bob and Big Lou were here for Easter last weekend, Dad installed all our new light fixtures.  Goodbye, early 1990's gold plating!  We bought these on New Year's Day, and it was during the process of selecting said lights at Lowe's that I realized I was getting sick.  Sneezing eleventy billion times on all the other light fixtures tipped me off to this fact.  The next morning I was at MedCheck with the Swine Flu, so needless to say the light fixtures didn't get installed that weekend.  And my sincere apologies to anyone purchasing lights later in the day...hope you came through The Flu okay.

Without further ado...

Breakfast area before:

And after:

We replaced five in all, with another two upstairs in the hallway that are identical to the entryway.  All that's left is the chandelier in the dining room and then we're on to the bathroom lighting, which will require touch up painting.  I may not awaken that sleeping giant and leave well enough alone.



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ashley said...

they look great! good work bob! :)