Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wild Dream

I just rolled out of bed this morning and have to share my crazy dream, which I'm so glad isn't true.

For some reason, I have just taken over as the head coach of Purdue's men's basketball team.  It's a Thursday evening and the players are all sitting in desks (same configuration as my current office) and getting ready to go home for the day.  What they were working on, I have no idea.  Hopefully their schoolwork.  E'twaun Moore comes into my office with the playbook and wants some different ideas of routes he can run (here I'm mixing football and basketball).  I, having no idea what routes he should run, tell him "Oh, just do what you think is right, and I'll tell you if it's not" and "Ask some of the other players." 

Just as I'm packing up for the evening, I realize that I have not made any travel accomodations for our trip to play the Denver Broncos, and we're leaving tomorrow!  (Again, mixing in football.)  It was too late to book it on a university credit card for some reason, so then I'm adding up the number of flights and figuring out if I can do it without maxing out my credit card.  Then I'm thinking about calling my sister to see if she knows someone in the hotel business and could call in a favor.  Sheer panic.  And then, the most panicked feeling of all hits - I don't know anything about coaching basketball!!!!

Brent woke me up at this point, and when I told him the whole drama, he says, "Don't worry, the head coach can't do all that!  There's a Sports Information office that makes all the arrangements.  And they fly on a chartered plane, not commercial."  And then something to the effect that I need to spend my Friday nights recruiting, not booking flights.

Phew.  My real job seemed pretty good this morning when I realized it was a dream.  Not that I'm not scrambling at that sometimes, too, but the good news is there aren't thousands of fans ready to fire me when I don't know what the H-E-double hockey sticks I'm doing.

But on a separate note, how fun does it sound to work in a university's Sports Information office????


Bob and LouAnne said...

Lindsey - those are the same things I would tell students if they were asking me hard math questions. "Just do whatever you think is right," and "ask the other kids."

ashley said...

too funny! i just had a dream last night that i was secretly cohorting with nick lachey and reuniting him with jessica simpson. *sigh* how i wish that was true. 1) so i could meet them both and 2) i would be so happy to see them back together! :)