Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I was ruuunnnning..."

Mini marathon training has started and I'm now through the second week of 30-minute runs 3x weekly and then a long run on Saturdays. If you'll recall, running the mini in 2:30 or less is one of my major goals for 2009. I usually just sign up for mini marathons, start half-heartedly training about a month before, and then wonder why my time never improves. Yesterday I ran 4 miles without stopping, which is something I've never done before. I am still skeptical about having it in me to run 13.1 without walking, but I think I might just be able to surprise myself.

In other news, Laura was in town this weekend and we took a spin down to the outlets at Edinburgh. We came home with more pairs of Nine West dress shoes than we care to mention publicly, workout gear from the Nike outlet, and new spring accessories from J. Crew. Laura joined us for church this morning and Kevin's sermon was about not using material objects to find contentment. Point taken, God. The overall message is that simplicity helps clear the path to God which is where contentment lies. I would like to look for the things in my life that make it more complicated and get rid of a few of them. Anyone willing to take a West Highland Terrier off my hands? Ha...just kidding. Really. You know I can't help but love that little dog.


Emily said...

You CAN DO IT!! I never thought I could do it - and I did!!! You will do great! Keep up the hard work!

ashley said...

i am SO proud of you for running 4 miles! what a great accomplishment. it will only get easier! :)

Bob and LouAnne said...

Just don't hurt yourself.


Kacina and Jason said...

What a great picture of you, Brent and Bonnie. Hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you soon!