Monday, January 19, 2009

Janaury - in Full Swing!

Hello friends. I'm back from my brief blogging hiatus - that's right, I was on sabbatical and I didn't even have the courtesy to tell you. That's because: 1.) it wasn't very long, and 2.) i'm not sure it would have rocked anyone's world.

I put all matters aside this past week and studied every chance I got when I wasn't at work, at class, or working out. I took Reg this morning and I think...I think...I may have passed. We'll see. Let's just say it is the first time I haven't shed tears of frustration during a CPA exam in awhile. I don't want to be too hopeful, but if I passed then I just have one more in mid-February...and it's the one I've already passed before but my fine friends in Nashville at the CPA HQ think that 18 months is the longest you should have to pass all four sections so the information is still current. Nevermind the fact that there are some people out there who have had a CPA license for 60+ years who've never had to retake the exam and, if current with CPE requirements, can still practice in any of the 50 states. Hey, that's fine. Keep the hoops coming, Nashville! I'll jump through one more if that's what it takes!

I'm back from ranting now and on to the more important, fun things...real life! Becca and I hosted Ashley's baby shower last Saturday and it was wonderful! I had a lot of fun and I think the the mom-to-be did too, so it was a success. Ashley received lots of goodies to stock her nursery and has all the pacifiers and diapers she'll need for the first few months, anyway. Here are some pics:

working on 23 pairs of hands and feet for the favors

Diaper cake - pre-construction

and post-construction...notice the symmetry. we are both apparently big on that.

Post-construction shennanigans involving the common household items of a plastic firefighter and fish.

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Rachel said...

Oh I SO hope you passed! You crack me up! Gotta love our fine friends down in Nashville...Paul Murphy is a personal favorite of mine.