Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

We had a great Thanksgiving! My parents, brother, and Aunt Lori and Baleigh joined us in Indy on Thursday and stayed overnight to enjoy Black Friday shopping fun. Mom made the turkey and stuffing (and Dad helped, not me - as predicted) and I took care of the rest of the sides. Rob brought Roxie along and Maddie, the Amazing Barking Dog was there as well. Our dogs almost outnumbered our people!

Excited about my gravy boat. I am sad to report a Thanksgiving Day fatality, however...the handle of the china creamer. I was putting away the platter and there was a freak slip and then the sound of porcelain breaking. The only tarnish on an otherwise perfect Thanksgiving.

Turkey table runner. It is now to be known as the Traveling Turkey Runner, and wherever I go for Thanksgiving, so the runner will cometh.

A green bean snapping contest. What? Lori, turn something into a contest? Nah. Brent and Baleigh had a Roll-Off to see who could eat the most dinner rolls. Baleigh won.

Here is our aggressive, "pawsy" Westie trying to man-handle the precious Miss Roxie.

We Pounced the rest of the night away after dinner and went to bed way too late considering we planned to be at Sears at 5:00 a.m. We were able to score several great doorbusters at Sears for Christmas presents, and I pretty much shopped for myself the rest of the day. Merry Christmas to me?

Sifting through Black Friday ads as a tired pup looks on.

We had so much fun with our family and I hope this might become a new Thanksgiving tradition. We are thankful for our loved ones, our good health, and our comfortable lifestyles. I got some news of a little something extra to celebrate this year - on Wednesday I checked my Financial (CPA section) scores and found out that I squeaked by with a passing score of 75!!! I may just have one more to take depending on how my next scores come back. When I found out on Wednesday morning I started hopping up and down in my cube shrieking, "I passed, I passed, I passed!" Then I shed a few tears of joy. It's coworkers/employees know me well enough by now to not be disturbed by such an outburst.

My little, annoying Westie is walking on my computer and putting her wet snow-paws on the screen, so I'm going to go. Hope your Thanksgiving was as relaxing as ours. Bring on Christmas!


Rachel said...

Your Thanksgiving looked wonderful! Too bad for the creamer handle though. :(

The Hetrick Headlines said...

What a beautiful thanksgiving spread and your home looked amazing! Kudso Linds :)I did mourn for the poor creamer dish though... it will alwasy be in our prayers. PS: I MISS YOU!