Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2nd Annual Gift Exchange at Christi's

Okay, so we don't have a snazzy title for this event, but the gift exchange is also now an established Christmas tradition. The ex-BKD girls gathered for lasagna at Christi's last Friday night. Our tradition is for everyone to bring something to complete the meal, and the dessert is my assignment. Last year I experienced a carrot cake disaster and was forced to stop at Panera after work and beg for any pastries that remained after the morning rush. Sad. This year I made the Cinammon-Scented Devil's Food cupcakes that we enjoyed at Baby Peyton's shower. Much better this year!

I got Candy's gift, which was a purse by Le Sportsac with a plastic wrench hanging off of it. Here I am trying to open the purse with the wrench.

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