Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Effingham Christmas

My mom's side of the family held their Christmas this Sunday and we had dinner with my dad's parents on Saturday night. Lori, Baleigh and I slept in the living room at Maw-Maw's like old times and we enjoyed the musings of the Toddler Formerly Known as the Cutest Baby in Springfield. Landon is too sweet. On Saturday night I was snuggling with him about the time Megan was trying to load him in the car, and he said that he wanted "this guy" to go too. Just call me ol' Cousin This Guy....hahaha.

Lighting the candles for caroling

Other higlights: meeting Baby Layla for the first time, caroling half-heartedly in less than perfect conditions, and singing another rousing rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas as performed by the Cash Clan - also a new tradition going on year #2. Megan might have video to post of this soon...so get excited!

Twelve Days of Christmas action shot

Artsy shots at church require a better camera

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