Sunday, July 6, 2008

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land...

Happy 4th of July everyone! We had a great holiday weekend and hope you did too! At work on Thursday my department had a farewell party for Dan, the self-proclaimed Travel Zeus (I work in Travel Pay...). He's moving to a new area after 12 years of loving his job. After the party we wandered down to the annual company picnic which coincides with the Lawrence street carnival - woo, rah. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) it was pouring so we stayed for about 3 minutes and took off.

Brent's parents stayed with us on Thursday evening and we attended the Star Spangled Symphony on the Prairie. We had another picnic supper and enjoyed a very patriotic symphony performance, complete with an artillery solo during the 1812 Overture and a great fireworks show. They played the traditional marches for all five branches of the military, and wouldn't you know I just had to tear up at the sight of all the old veterans standing as their different marches were played. I'm a sucker for a WWII or Vietnam vet...makes me cry everytime. I don't think Larry and Diane knew what to do. I wanted to say, "It's okay, this is just what I do...I'm a crier." Eh, they'll figure it out eventually. After all, Brent and I have only been married a year... :)


"Pay no attention to The Man with the Giant Flag on His Back"

Early on Friday morning we loaded into the car and headed to Carmel High School for the Carmel Freedom Run. Much like the previous day's picnic, it was pouring down rain. Brent's parents opted to hang out at Einstein Brothers' and around mile 3 I wished I was with them. Despite the pouring rain both Brent and I and the Sinders all felt like we finished with good times and were glad we got a morning workout in. Plus, we got an awesome t-shirt.

"I will fight for the right to live in Freeeeeeeedom!" Sing it, Paul McCartney.

On Friday night we went to Carmel again and ate at the Sinders' favorite restaurant, Mudsocks, before heading to Rachel's brother's house to watch fireworks. There were some townhouses in the way so we could really only see the high fireworks, but it was still a great show. I feel pretty lucky to have watched fireworks on two consecutive nights this year!

The 4th of July always reminds me of going to Ma-Ma's house with all the cousins and swimming our little hearts out. We could see Effingham's fireworks from Ma-Ma's front yard so we never had to go anywhere. I have a great 4th of July Ma-Ma pool picture from 17-18 years ago that I will post once I get it scanned.

"Oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife,
Who more than self our country loved
And mercy more than life
America, America may God thy gold refine
Til all success be nobleness
And every gain devine"


Bob and LouAnne said...

Love that picture. Happy Anniversary!!!

Kickin' It With The Koesters said...

Great picture of the anniversary couple! What fond memories I have of your wedding - it was beautiful, fun, and well, just perfect! Happy Anniversary!

ashley said...

also loving the new pic! hope you had a great anniversary....can't wait to hear all about it! :)

Rachel said...

YES! I get so excited when I see a blog update! Happy 1 year...I love the new cute! I also love the picture of you modeling the freedom run tshirt! :-)