Sunday, July 13, 2008

How We Celebrated...

How else do we celebrate special events? With food, of course!

We spread our anniversary celebration over more than one day. On Saturday we enjoyed an afternoon downtown - at least we did after we finally got checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Conrad for the night because we got a great room deal and we stayed there the night of our wedding. We had to wait almost two hours before checking into our room, which was somewhat irritating to me. But ANYWAY, we ate dinner at The Oceanaire, which is our absolute favorite restaurant in Indy. They gave us a special menu that is currently at Hobby Lobby being framed. It will be perfect for the dining room!

On Monday, our actual anniversary, I recreated our reception dinner (with the exception of the asparagus because Kroger had a lackluster selection and I was too lazy to try another grocery store). We had walnut-crusted chicken, horseradish mashed potatoes, carrot souffle, and bread. I would like it to be one of our family's traditions to always enjoy this meal on July 7th.
The potatoes were prepared with love (love for my husband and love for this pan) in our new Le Creuset pan that my parents gave us as an anniversary present. WOOOO-HOOOO!

Our wedding cake was still a tasty morsel! I feared its condition because I was pretty sure I didn't take much care in wrapping it up as we were frantically packing for our honeymoon, but the cake was frost-free and not as dry as I imagined. I think Big Lou must have done it for me, because I don't think my wrapping job would have yielded the same results.

In other news, we had a low-key weekend which was much needed after the ridiculous week we both had at work. Ai-yi-yi. I am going to study the rest of the night and try not to be too excited for Landon, Megan, Lori, Baleigh, and Lou to come and visit this week!! Don't worry, I'll blog about it. (And there will be 3 other blogs with the exact same pictures...)


Rachel said...

Looks like a wonderful anniversary celebration! I am beyond jealous of that beautiful Le Creuset. That is currently on my must-purchase-asap list. I also love the framed menu...too cute!

The Hetrick Headlines said...

LinDizzle :) As much as I love reading about your anniversary I NEED to know more! :) What the heck is up... LOVE and MISS YOU!