Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Most Expensive 9-Volt Battery We've Ever Purchased

So here's our funny story from today. Brent and I went for a walk this afternoon and shut our garage door using the keypad like usual. We aren't in the habit of carrying keys because why would we when the keypad always opens up the garage? Well, 99% of the time.

We get back, and nothin. We can't get the door open and we never leave any doors unlocked. We spend the next hour trying to break into our own house, which is very hard to do when your only tool is a paper clip that was found in my fleece pocket. We have no phones, no money, no keys, no nothing. Finally, I tuck my tail between my legs and go to the neighbor's house to use the phone and a phone book. She felt sorry for us and insisted we stay, so we spent an hour in their house chatting it up. The locksmith turns out to be some 21 year old kid driving a Lexus SUV. He immediately looks at it and says, "Oh, your battery is probably dead." DUH. I pop open the case with my fingernails, he drives to a store to buy a 9-Volt battery, and eureka...our garage door opens.

We are sure glad we didn't force open a window or the garage door, because that was my plan. I guess all we're out is 2 1/2 hours and a $99 battery. Next time I'll carry my keys!


Bob and LouAnne said...

MacGyver would have figured out something with that paper clip, I bet. At least Purdue won that night so the day wasn't a total loss.

LoKo90 said...

Ahhh...the lessons we learn along the way ;0)