Sunday, January 13, 2008

Whoa...Already Behind!

Here are pictures from the rest of our Christmas holiday and New Year's. We spent the weekend before New Year's in Kendallville and celebrated Christmas (and lived the dream) with Bob and Big Lou. We left with promises of creative projects and clean teeth loaded up in the car: Brent got a Sonicare toothbrush, I got a sewing machine, and we both got a jigsaw (to make the next cornhole set).

We spent New Year's Eve with Justin and Rachel at Mitchell's Fish Market in Clay Terrace. We had never eaten there but it's a favorite of the Sinders'. We enjoyed a relaxing dinner and then went back to the Sinders' to watch the ball drop. Is it just me, or does Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve seem....not rockin'? Anyway, we had the best New Year's Eve since we've been together, so 2008 is looking good!

Meeting the girls at Casa on the way out of town

Homemade Saki Bombers while waiting on Dick Clark to spit out the countdown (just kidding...nothin but love, Dick...)

The counters are hard on the hands!

Editor's Note: Yes Rachel, you make a good point. Turned out Brent did NOT enjoy the picture of himself passed out on the couch. I am officially the Wife of the Year. Whoops...sorry, Brent. :(


Bob and LouAnne said...

Love the hair! Your New Year's Eve date looks fun.

Rachel said...

I rockin' New Years Eve it was! Poor Brent, I hope he doesn't mind that picture of him being posted on the internet!