Saturday, January 26, 2008


Purdue beat #11 Wisconsin and we were lucky enough to see it!!!!! I was nervous the whole game that we would play so hard and then lose by one or two, but they pulled through! I have no pictures to post, but I will leave you with snippets from the woman sitting next to me. Although very nice and chatty, this woman was quite the yeller...which seems to be the person I sit next to all the time. That's probably to keep me from being a yeller. I don't want to be THAT lady.

"TTEEEEERRREENCE!!!" (Her favorite is Terrence Crump, and she let us know about it.)


"SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!" (What does that even mean?)

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Rachel said...

Couple of comments:
1. An hour on the treadmill - I am impressed! I am sure the lbs will stop dropping soon!
2. I thought you were going to be home for V-day? That is a bummer your trip must have gotten changed.
3. Yay for Cabo! May is going to be an exciting month for you!