Friday, October 26, 2012

The many celebrations of Jack...

Two disclaimers:  I'm really behind on the blog, and this post is pretty picture heavy.

We spent about three weeks stretching out Jack's birthday celebration this month (and last month too, if we're being honest).  Keeping with his May Queen mother's habit of stretching out her birthday, next year we're expecting to hear the phrase "It's my birthday month!" being used for all sorts of shenanigans.  Hey, life is meant to be celebrated.  And celebrate we did.

Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson visited Colorado for a few weeks in September.  On their last visit with us, we had a birthday dinner for him (Qdoba quesadilla for the birthday boy, his fave) and enjoyed cupcakes.  He knew exactly what to do!

We came home to Indianapolis the weekend of his birthday to celebrate with our friends and their kids.  Our buckaroo was Sheriff for the day at the Sinders' Corral and we had a doggone good time hanging out with some special friends who we don't see nearly enough.

The Birthday Buckaroo with his favorites - Binky and Blue Dog

A tug on the sleeve in passing.  Livi's a good sport, I tell ya.

Monthly birthday banner above the cake table

A little snack for the trail (puppy chow)...

The birthday boy checks on his curls before the guests arrive.

Grab a hat and bandana, ya'll!

A HUGE THANKS to Rachel and Justin for opening up their home to us and hosting Jack's party.  Rachel and I had a lot of fun planning this party!  Owen and Livi are having their own Western party next weekend!  

Justin rocks.  

Rascia's Creative Cakes in Carmel made this masterpiece.  I hated cutting into it, and it tasted even better than it looked!

Exactly as I pictured it!

Love this picture, these boys, and these pretty ladies.

Our buddy, Jack!  Dressed for the occasion!  

Emily and her sweetie Kara.  I think that Kara and Jack are matched in their spirit.  Funny story - Jack was walking by Kara at the party and plucked her pacifier out of her mouth and directly into his, then kept right on walking.  She was.not.happy!  Brent saw it, took it out of Jack's mouth and put it right back into hers.  Then Jack was.not.happy!  I asked Brent if he didn't think to wash it off or anything before giving it back to Kara, and nah.  He said he was just trying to manage the chaos.  Haha!     

Emily, Bridget, and Scott's lower half.  

Thank you, Justin, for wearing the cowboy hat even when no one else was.  You're a real trooper!

The Steinbergs, minus Peyton who was probably helping with the cake.  She's a helper!  

I really don't know why I didn't take his shirt off for the cake smash.  Just wanted to get that out there, since you're probably wondering why I didn't.  I can't answer that, but I do know all the frosting came out of those clothes, so whatever.

And here's the part of the evening when he walked around clutching one of Owen's diapers.  I'm so glad Liam and Peyton could help with presents, because Jack was no help at all!

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and open my gifts.  I've gotta figure out how this dvd player works, Mom!  

We finished out the trip with a birthday celebration in Kendallville with Grandpa Bob, Granny Lou, and Uncle Rob.  He had another awesome cake and had the theatrics of the "cake smash" down at this point.  What a lucky boy!!

Cake, for little ol' me?

Don't mind if I do!



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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! And great job on the party, super cute! How are our babies already one? I feel like we were just posting belly pictures! :)