Monday, October 15, 2012

12 Months. One Year.

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow 
They'll learn much more than I'll never know 
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world 

One awesome year with my favorite little guy.  It's gone  I've said it before and I'll never, ever stop saying it as long as I live...I'm so lucky to get to be your mom, Jack!  Your dad and I are patting ourselves on the backs right now for keeping you alive, and thriving, to your first birthday.  In reality, you made it pretty easy on us.  You're a great sleeper, a great eater, and have a sweet disposition (if not a little boisterous).  Thank you, sweet boy!  

And a few stats for the record books:
Clothing Size - 12-18m are getting snug, 18m fits best, and I've also broken out the 18-24m.  18m isn't really so long anymore - funny how that happens overnight. Moved you up to a size 5 diaper last week.

Sleeping - No big changes here:  9:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. and two naps during the day.  The morning nap is 2 hours right now, and the afternoon nap is 1.5 hours.  Seems like a lot of sleep to me, but you play pretty hard when you're up so that must be why!

Eating - We've been transitioning you over to whole milk for the last month or so and we finished up with formula last week.  We packed up the bottles this weekend too, and you're doing okay with the sippies.  Well, now that Megan sent you the Toy Story sippies - those finally seem to be acceptable to you.  We have many, many brands of cups in our cabinets, folks.

Teeth - A fourth (a top incisor) popped through right after the last monthly post - so 11m, 2days-ish (for those of us -ME - keeping track for his baby book).  A fifth tooth popped through on the top about a week before your birthday. 

Movement - You took your first steps right after your last post, too, at 11m 1 day.  You walked three-four steps at a time for about a week, and by the weekend of 9/14 you started walking across the room in one pass.  Now, you pretty much refuse to crawl anywhere.  This new freedom has brought you a lot of satisfaction, and a lot of head injuries.

Words - you now say 'Mom' and 'Dad' in context, and 'bath' when prompted.  You've also picked up on the 'more' sign and 'all done' this month!  

Silly/Funny Things You Do: Tilt your head to the left when you're eating in your high chair and give us a silly look; beat on your chest with one hand - a form of clapping, it seems to us; wrinkle your nose at us and do a sniffing thing, which we do right back; carry around a mini contact solution bottle - whenever you see it, you just have to have it.


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Anonymous said...

Well,I've been waiting for a birthday post! The first year is such a milestone and you have such great adventures to come. He's adorable. Hope Jack enjoyed his first Apple Festival.