Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Luckiest

I very regretfully missed my friend Mel's wedding in Ft. Wayne this past weekend because after our last hectic travel experience a few weeks ago I was concerned that I might drop this baby on the airport floor at 34 weeks (and no one wants to see that).  I heard that she and Andy danced to "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds.  This is a personal favorite of mine and was nearly our first dance song until I gave in to Brent's suggestion since I get my way with most everything else.  He's a good man.

There's no other way to describe how I feel after my wonderful weekend of baby showers in Indianapolis other than, "I am The Luckiest".  I was truly overwhelmed with the number of people who attended my showers and how nice everything was for Lima Bean.  So without further ado, here are pictures - lots and lots of them:

Friday night, July 29th - ex-BKD Girls' Club Shower

The sacred cupcakes - reserved especially for our showers.

Sweet little treat bags

These ladies really outdid themselves.  They went together and bought us our high chair, pack and play, and lots of books!  I had such a nice time catching up with them; what a great little shower!!  A big thanks to Christi and Jay for having us stay with them that night as well, since our belongings were packed into a semi that afternoon:

Saturday, July 30th - Lunch at the Propylaeum

Mom threw a wonderful shower for Lima Bean at a tea room downtown, and everything was fantastic, down to the smallest detail.

 We had the whole Carriage House to ourselves.  It was a perfect venue for our crowd!

College friends making Play-Doh babies.  Alli was the winner, but sadly I did not get a picture of her swaddled purple baby with the fresh flower on her hat.  Other games were "Come Up with a Girl Name for Lindsey" and Baby Bottle lottery tickets.  As luck would have it, the lottery ticket at my seat had the baby bottle.

Emma, Cake Baker Extraordinaire and the very delicious white shower cake. 

Loved the polka dot ribbon

With MBA friends Jana and Betsy

With Rachel and her twins, who are almost half baked now!!  Unbelievable. 

DFAS friends - Alli, Lori, Christa, and Megan

Ashley and our matching belly button sweat marks.  It was hot in there for two very pregnant ladies. 

College friends - Becca, Ashley, Laura, Mel, Emma, Emily, and 4 future MC babies waiting to be born 

With Ashley, new mommy to Jack - not pictured, but you can almost see his carseat.  Such a good baby!

The woman who made it all happen (the shower, not the baby)- my favorite Mommy, Big Lou

MaMa and Grandma Pillers

With my gorgeous cousins Baleigh and Megan

With my gorgeous aunts, too! 

All our loot in Mom and Dad's living room.  We are seriously so lucky.

The men-folk, celebrating the baby in their own way on Sunday - with a Rib Fest in the garage.

Thank you so much to everyone who showered our baby with so much love and so many gifts!  It was beyond wonderful to see everyone and I hated to leave. 


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