Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Your Point Wednesday?

Life has been full of excitement lately, but not really the type of excitement that you take lots of pictures of and make up funny captions about.  We're in a constant state of change here and will be until...well, a long, long time.  And that's okay by me.  I was ready for a little life shake-up and it's going to be really good for me because it's easy to get too comfortable. 

Here are some random things to tell you to try and save this blog from becoming forgotten and stale.  (If you thought it was already forgotten and stale, just keep that to yourself.)

Adventures in Airline TravelBoth of my flights to and from Denver were weird last week.  The first was an evening flight and it was also after one of the most tiring days ever.  I woke up that morning to discover that the dog had sneezed bloody snot all over my throw pillows, duvet cover, couch, etc.  She had been wheezing for a few days but I didn't really worry about it until I saw the bloody snot.  Luckily, she was being boarded at our vet while I was gone, so they could treat whatever the heck illness it was that she had.  In addition to getting ready for work that morning, finishing my packing, and getting the dog packed up, I also had to get the house ready for the Open House we were having this weekend.  So you can see why Tuesday was a really fun day for me.  It almost all came crashing down when I had to wait for a half hour at the vet just to drop Bonnie off because they had an emergency come in RIGHT before me, and I started to panic that I was cutting it a little close to stop at Cafe Patachou and get some cinnamon toast and that delightful egg sandwich before going through security.  When my cinnamon toast time was threatened, I started to get crabby.  I was able to stop at Patachou thanks to upgrading to long-term parking, then deciding to not waste precious time waiting for the shuttle but instead practically sprinting through the parking garage walkway.  Priorities, people.

Back to my weird flights!  Wow, sorry.  Anyway, so I'm on the plane that night and there's a man about five rows ahead of me who will just not put on his seat belt.  He finally did, but as soon as the flight attendant left he took it off again and laid down.  A scene ensued when the flight attendant walked by again and saw that he wasn't playing along.  I heard her say, "SIR, do we need to turn this plane around and go back to the GATE?!"  I think everyone within earshot perked up at that, and I think that there were probably at least 15 of us that were going to make sure that that bozo kept his seat belt on long enough for us to get in the air.  How ridiculous.  He finally complied and we were able to leave on time.   

A good weird thing that happened was that shortly after take-off, the same sassy flight attendant came up to my seat and swiped her card in my TV screen.  I thought she was giving me free TV because I had shot her a few sympathetic looks that said, "Can you believe this guy? Sorry you have to put up with this crap!"  That wasn't it at all, but good thought.  Apparently I was "on the list".  WHA???  I'm never on the list!  I got to watch the entire last half of the Purdue/Illinois game and I was the happiest girl on the plane.  There was lots of fist-pumping and loud exclamations coming from my seat that got me a few of my own looks, but I didn't care.  At least I had my seat belt on.

Speaking of keeping your seat belt on at all times, my return flight home was equally eventful.  Before we took off, the pilot told us that he expected it to be a bumpy climb.  Now, I never like to hear that, but in my experience it seems like it's never really that bad and the pilot is maybe kid-gloving us a little bit.  Not on this flight.  HOLY.COW.  I have never, ever experienced turbulence like that.  We kept dropping, and shaking, and climbing, and dropping, and I just kept watching the wing tips in awe that the wings were even still attached to the plane.  I wasn't sure whether to cry or throw up, but I just gripped the arm rests for dear life.  The co-pilot and flight attendants would keep reminding us to stay in our seats.  Duh.  WHO would get out of their seat during that?  There's no book important enough to retrieve from the overhead bin in that moment unless it was your Bible.  That one I could understand. 

It obviously turned out okay, since I'm here to write about it.  But I feel like I maybe put a notch in my flying cap with that flight.  Not as good as the stories Dad can tell, like the one about lightning striking the plane and the flight attendant peeing her pants, but I think an experience like that would probably do more harm to my nervous system than good. 

Pregnancy Dreams
Oh my goodness, those are some crazy, vivid dreams.  A little sexier than normal, but I won't go into detail about those.  I will tell you that the other night I was hangin' with the Glee kids and rehearsing a song to sing for regionals.  I picked the theme song to Heathcliff, as in the cat, and sang it very poorly.  Uh, was this a TV show?  I really can't remember.  Anyway, Mercedes was mad at me that I picked such a crappy song and then didn't even know the words to it, so I changed it up to Peggy Lee's Fever old standby.  The brown recluse spiders coming out of a cactus started attacking us all before I could sing it though, so I'll never know how I did.

I could go on, but I hate to take all my material for the next posts.  Until then, bloggers...adieu.






Amanda said...

Just wait... those dreams will get even stranger! I couldn't believe the stuff I would dream about. I even thought a few of them were true!
Glad to hear your flights were safe even though they were a bit strange! But it gives us a good laugh!

Mom of Steele said...

Pregnancy dreams are insane! Like Amanda said, they will get even stranger. Mine are always crazy and rarely make any sense.

car insurance broker Pickering said...

Pregnancy Dreams? hehe
I don't remember anything from mine;(