Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 2nd Tri to Me!

Today marks 13 weeks of pregnancy and the start of the 2nd trimester...which I suppose is a somewhat misleading "milestone" since you technically don't know you're pregnant for four of those weeks.  I'll take it though, because I've been feeling a lot better for the last week or so.  My appetite is back and I just don't feel quite so..."off".

I went to the doctor last week for my 12 week appointment and heard the heartbeat with the doppler.  It took quite a long time to find it, which made me panic a bit, but all is well.   

I had Brent take this picture at 8.5 weeks for a baseline belly shot so we can tell later what's just regular old tummy fat and what's actually baby:

Pardon my appearance.

Here I am at 12.5 weeks, and I do see a difference...but very slight.  The bottom line is that I haven't popped yet.  My pants all still button which is probably more of a direct result of the eight pounds I lost in the 1st tri from not wanting to eat and never having to cook supper for anyone (unless it was a Tuesday with Rachel - the one night of the week when I always get a good supper!).  My shirts seem to be getting shorter, but I think I still have a couple more weeks before I look pregnant and not like I just ate too much pizza.

And here I am last night on the eve of 13 weeks, when I really just felt a lot bigger.  Maybe it's the angle, maybe it's the shirt...who knows.  One thing's for sure, when I really look pregnant, we'll all know.   


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Lauren said...

You're so stinkin' adorable, Lindsey!