Monday, December 13, 2010

Annual Christmas Dinner!

My girlfriends from the ex-BKD Girls' Club got together recently for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange.  I'm trying to get away from the term "ex-BKD Girls' Club" because we're so much more than that.  So there, it's the last time I will say it.  I just love these women and am so happy that we've hung together despite lots of changes in our lives and jobs.

Yay - Debbie is back from her time in Alaska with AmeriCorps!  She always has some amazing stories to tell of her many adventures post-accounting life.

She must have thought the absence of her reindeer placecard was merely a terrible oversight and decided to take a seat anyway.
I scored the Macy's gift card this year in the gift exchange and am PUMPED to purchase some jeggings! (If they ever come back in stock again...thanks a lot, Pioneer Woman, for advertising them on your blog.)



Bob and LouAnne said...

Your dog is too much. Really. She's the Suzanne Sugarbaker of the canine world.

Lindsey said...

Nice Designing Women reference! I'll never be able to look at my dog without thinking about Suzanne Sugarbaker again.