Friday, November 19, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Cards!

Ever since we have been sending photo Christmas cards, I've always used Shutterfly.  They have lots of cute options this year and it's easy to find a card template that fits your number of photos, size, and spreads your holiday cheer the exact way you intend.  Here are our past Christmas cards from Shutterfly:



(Sorry those first two are so small.  I was really struggling with getting the image copied in properly, and my extra cards from these years are packed away in the Christmas stuff.)

This year, I'm loving these Shutterfly designs:


Check out other Christmas card templates here:

The cards I love the most are square, and require extra postage, of course.  But hey, the USPS could use the extra revenue, so I can always use that as my deciding factor. 

Bottom line, I love Shutterfly Christmas cards (and I'm not just saying that because they're giving me 50 free cards for writing this blog post).  We're getting pictures taken on Sunday and then I can't wait to make my final selection and order our cards!  

If you would also like a promo code for 50 free cards by posting on your blog, click here:


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