Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Weekend Update (a.k.a. I Can't Think of Anything Better to Title This Post)

Our jam-packed summer weekends have officially begun!  We have something almost every weekend from now until the end of August...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Since I was home alone this weekend while Brent was running in South Bend, it was a perfect time to have my long-lost college friends come and hang out.  I hadn't really seen Domonique and Rachel since we graduated FIVE YEARS AGO (sick.), so it was great catching up.  We went to dinner, chatted, and snacked on Friday night, and then did a little shopping and lunching on Saturday before the girls went home.

Klassy Monkey Plate, anyone?

We went to a consignment shop where I got a huge mirror, a lamp, and a pear dish for $43!!  The mirror is similiar to some I saw at PierOne, only I paid $27 instead of $400.  And who says I'm not frugal?  If it doesn't work in the room, I'll not feel too bad about changing to something else. 

After they left on Saturday, I quickly threw together some macaroni and cheese (not Kraft, just to clarify), kissed my tired, sore husband good-bye, and headed for Northern Indiana.  Ashley hosted a cookout with our whole group of girlfriends and their others.  Very fun!  We played the game Celebrity, which is kind of a made up game from a Will and Grace episode.  Ladies, if I'm wrong about that, let me know.  It was very fun, took no props other than paper and pens, and had very simple rules. 

And finally, the last bit of my post is dedicated to my runner.  We officially have a Marathoner in this house!  Brent ran the Sunburst marathon on Saturday morning with one of our friends.  He didn't really train other than a few 10-milers after the mini and said he felt like it, but I think he still did great.  He ran it in 4:20, which didn't quite beat Daris from the Biggest Loser's time (his main goal), but still sounds good to me.  On Saturday night he said he wasn't sure if he would do another one, but now he's already planning out his training schedule for one in Iowa in September or the Monumental here in November.  Good work, Running Man! 


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