Saturday, May 29, 2010

Work Party, D Rated Movies, and Puppy Hijinks

Who loves Memorial Day weekend?  Whoop whoop, ME!  My team had a surprise birthday party for me on Thursday, which was truly a great start to my birthday weekend.  We had take-out, cake, balloons, the whole bit.  Then, they gave me a gift certificate for a massage!  It was a wonderful surprise.

Lunch of champions.  Look away, Jillian.

We had a girls' night out on Friday night and ate a scrumptious dinner at Bonefish, drank martinis, and went to a late showing of Sex and the City 2.  Pretty awful movie...but I would have still seen it.  Now, see it again?  Doubtful.  Nonetheless, it was nice to catch up with the Fabulous Four again.

I've been really, really tempted to add a second dog to our house lately.  The most promising candidates right now look to be Big Boy, a Westie/other terrier mix at a shelter in Newburgh, and Oodles, a Westie/Poodle mix in Clay County.  Normally I can't stand poodles, but I like the looks of this dog.  When I think about it logically, and look at the supporting evidence, I realize that two of Bonnie might be more than we can handle.  Perhaps the addition of a low maintenance dog would work?

Here's what the little princess has been up to this week:

What are you having?  Mind if I get a closer look?

The object of her affection:

Crazy Black and White Kitty - on HER deck!  The nerve.



Rachel said...

You are up early! Where is this dog in Clay County? My inlaws probably know them. See ya tomorrow for more fun!

Emma and Greg said...

LINDS! :) what a fantastic birthday! And i must say that potato looks AMAZING! And to refer to your statements...

1)yes, we are back in the blogging world, sorry it took so long :)

2)yes, that pic was from the cruise on our formal night and can i just say... LOVED IT! We would do another cruise in a heartbeat! Its pretty inexpensive and you hit some pretty awesome destinations... tell you more this weekend :)

3)Thanks for the compliments on the car... we are huge fans too :) we purchased it around Greg Bday... March 4th :)

4)YES! we will most definitely be at Ash's on Saturday... CANT WAIT to see you! :)

have a great Friday!!! Love and miss!!!