Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Will the candidates for Master of Business Administration please rise?"

UIndy's Graduate commencement ceremony was Friday night.  Most of my co-hort attended and I thought it was a nice way to end the experience.  Having a hood was my favorite part, but really I'm just lucky that I had a tassle.  I dropped it somewhere in the parking lot, which caused a few minutes of panic until a campus security guard saw me looking confused and offered it up.  Phew... 

Watching the Doctorate students get their hoods on stage made me sit there and think, "Hmmm, what's next?  I think I want one of those better hoods."  Luckily, that feeling passed about 10 seconds later.

What is it about graduation pictures?  They're never good. 

We celebrated quietly at Oceanaire with the East Meets West crab cakes and Ecuadorian Mahi Mahi.  My favorite!! 

I have a great husband.  He surprised me with Lady Antebellum  concert tickets and a gift card to McAlister's to keep me in sweet teas for awhile.



ashley said...

yay! congrats linds :) and what great gifts!

Lauren said...

Congratulations, Lindsey! And, I'm jealous of your Oceanaire celebration. :)

Rachel said...

You deserve it after all your hard work!

Emily said...

Congrats, girl!