Sunday, January 17, 2010

Keep Flying By, January...

January and February are my least favorite months because 1.) after-Christmas letdown sets in, 2.) the cold, snowy weather and dry, cracked skin, and 3.) they just seem to take forever.  But so far, so good.  The month is going fast and we have planned a big family Vegas vacation for February to get us through the winter.  I need a dangling carrot to get through the work week and I'm not going to pretend I don't.

This weekend I went to Carbondale to visit Lori and family.  Since they've lived down there almost two years, I figured it was time to see their house...which, by the way, is gorgeous.  I also stopped by to see the MaMa, which was long overdue since I missed both Thanksgiving and Christmas in Effingham.

While Baleigh was at a birthday party yesterday afternoon, Lori and I went to Blue Sky Winery on the Illinois Wine Trail.  We enjoyed great conversation, live music, and probably a little more Reisling than I was ready for after being down with the swine flu. 

Notice the dark thing in the right corner?  That's my North Face that I left at the winery.  Lori called this afternoon and they said they don't have it, but I think that this picture, paired with an assumption or two, proves that foul play is involved here. 

How about those Indianapolis Colts?  Keep on rolling!  I wore my jersey to work on Friday and all day yesterday just in case it was the last time I had the chance.  It's the one piece of laundry I won't mind doing this week. 

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Ross said...

Hi Lindsey,

Well I have to say that your colts just crushed them!!! I'm new to blogspot and would love if you checked out my site.