Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Colts are off to Super Bowl XLIV!  That's 44, in case you're not good with Roman numerals.  I wouldn't have known what number it was except the announcers made a comment after our #44 caught a touchdown pass. 

We watched the game at a fun little party at the Mitchell's.  Emily will probably have more pictures, but I just got this one shot of the girls on the couch. 

I'm off to watch the second game to see who we'll be playing in Miami - Brett or our boy Drew Brees.  Thanks, Colts, for making the winter a little less dreary in Indianapolis!  


Rachel said...

Wow that was a quick turnaround with this post!

Lindsey said...

I aim to please, Rachel. "Little Diddy" readers deserve timely info. :)

Ross said...

Hi Lindsey,

I watched part of the Saints game and couldn't be happier that Drew Brees and my boys are going up against the Colts!! I can't help but notice in your picture your little girl. I adopted a little girl from Ethiopia who looks just like her. So close in looks that it's almost scary. I would love it if you could check my site out and give me some feedback as I'm new to the blog world. I'm at