Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Trash and Lunch"

It's a Sunday evening around here, alright. I just realized it was already 9:00 when I heard Brent say "Trash and lunch....ugh!". That's what we do on Sunday nights...that and hurriedly fold laundry around 10:00 and then mope off to bed because another work week is starting.

We both had a great weekend, although Brent's was more exciting than mine. He went to Colorado with his buddy Adam on Wednesday night and stayed through Saturday afternoon, and I went home for the weekend to hang out with Big Lou. On Friday night I hung out with Ashley and Becca in Auburn and on Saturday Mom and I made trips to Shipshewana and Fort Wayne. We both needed fabric from Yoder's - my house is in need of some major window treatments and Mom has some projects in mind using retro/vintage fabric. Looking through all the bolts of fun prints causes you to start coming up with possible projects just so you can buy the fabric. Needless to say, I ended up with a lot more than I planned to buy, but I also have a master plan for our extra bedrooms now too. I can't wait to get started on my curtains!
Our Fort Wayne trip was equally successful. I found a duvet cover on clearance at Macy's AND the pillow shams were on clearance, too. How often does that happen, seriously? Usually all you find on the clearance table is one bed skirt, a pillow sham, and then no other pieces of the set. We picked up a Casa salad for dinner and grabbed Cherry Limeades from Sonic. Can you believe that our closest Sonic is in Avon?? It seriously takes me almost an hour to get to Avon. In this day and age, it's hard to believe that I can't get a Cherry Limeade whenever I want! :)
(Although I realize this is also saving me from having to buy bigger pants.)
I don't have many pictures for this blog, but here are a few random ones...

Here's the finished black and white grouping in our living room. I love it! I'm on a huge home decorating kick right now, in case you haven't noticed. I figure since we've been in our house almost three years it's probably time to finish decorating it.

Shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo's.
Last weekend we went with our friends Jeremy and Ashley to the beer garden at the Rathskellar and then enjoyed the Devour Downtown menu at St. Elmo's. So much fun!

Pictures after Grandpa's memorial service last this last one my cousin Melissa is holding her nephew Alex, while my cousin Sara and I stand ready to keep Bonnie from pouncing on Alex's face.

That's about it from me, but be watching for Brent's blogging debut later in the week when he takes over the reins and tells a little about his Mountain Climbing Adventure 2009.


Rachel said...

Good weekend! Can you believe I've never had a cherry limeade?

Lauren said...

Lindsey! A Sonic just opened 8 minutes from my house, and I'm giddy. Who knew a 44 oz limeade could make a girl's day?

Emma and Greg said...

Slow an steady wins the race Linds! :) I think 3 years to decorate your house is a great amount of time... gives you some good lee-way when choosnig wall decor :) PS: the house looks beautiful! :) Love and miss you TONS! :)

Ashley said...

Hey Lindsey, love the blog! We had a fun time last Friday too. We'll have to do it again!