Monday, July 6, 2009

The (Quick) Weekend Update

We had a glorious 4th and hope you and yours did, too. The day before the 4th of July holiday is always the day of the DFAS picnic, which means you leave around noon after hanging out at the picnic for a bit. A great start to a long weekend! We took my car to Penske Chevrolet, had lunch at Scotty's, stopped at Hobby Lobby, hit the post office to mail my CPA application, and then headed home so I could get to class (the only tarnish on an otherwise perfect Thursday).

We worked around the house on Friday and went to Symphony on the Prairie with my parents that night. I just love their Stars and Stripes on the Prairie concert (or whatever it's called). The symphony always does a medley with the marches of the five branches of military, and if you served you're supposed to stand when your march is played. That does me in every year and makes me cry! I just can't help myself. I was so proud when Dad stood for the Army march and wished I could stand too. Paying soldiers as a civil servant is as close as I will get, but it is really a touching moment to look out through the crowd and see veterans standing.

It was super crowded this year and our seats were pretty crappy despite getting there an hour before it began, but after we moved away from the large, loud, ants-in-their-pants, oblivious family it was much better. Seriously, I don't think these people even knew they were at a concert. Quit talking and hopping up every three seconds!! My annoyance at them at least helped me not cry as much when the marches were played...last year I was a mess (and Brent's parents surely thought I was a headcase).

After the fireworks we had some trouble getting out of the parking lot - think 4th largest crowd in 28 years. We waited in our cars an hour and a half before even moving....which led to eating the rest of an enormous bag of kettle corn...which also led to getting home at 1:00 (not because of eating the kettle corn, but because of the parking situation)...which led to tired racers who had to be up in Carmel at 7:00 Saturday morning for the Freedom Fest 4.5 miler.

We expected to do pretty badly because of the previously mentioned conditions, which didn't bug me too much because I'm always just a participant anyway, hoping not to be last. Brent really wanted to place in his age group and thought it might be possible. was....he actually WON his age group and got a mug. He might become a coffee drinker so he can plop it down on his buddies' desks at work (fellow runners) and annoy them with it.

We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Kincaids that night and then hung out with Justin Ware back at our house while listening to the professional grade bottle rockets being fired across the street. I'm not a big fan of fireworks, but whatever does it for ya. The dogs didn't seem to mind, so I was thankful I didn't have to restrain wild Bonnie.

Thanks for the new collar, Grandma! Once I stopped biting and clawing at the flower I realized how fetching I look in it.

Dogs...plural...that's right. We have a visitor this week! The Stevensons' Chow/Golden mix is with us while Larry and Diane are in Colorado. She is 13 years old and is already tired of Bonnie being in her face. The girls had a major spat over Roxie's food today. She eats some really yummy (puke) canned puppy food that just drives Bonnie crazy, since all she gets is Iams. Roxie has some problem going on with her nasal cavity and constantly sneezes...sometimes blood, so I hear. Grrrreeeeaaaat. She had a clot hanging out of her nose today and I was debating..."To pull or not to pull?" Looks like she took care of it herself, which I appreciate. It was grossing me out!!
What, you're grossed out now, too? Sorry. Remember that Indy 500 post when I didn't show you the maggots? Take your pic, I guess.
Whatcha doin', runnin' man?

This post is much longer than intended, but isn't that always the way. I'm off to write three papers due tomorrow night. Yeeeesss!


Emily said...

Yay for Brent!! That is SO AWESOME!!!

What a great weekend with the fam!

Rachel said...

Sorry we missed the run and the 4th! Next year the tradition will resume! Congrats to Brent!