Tuesday, November 4, 2008

National Blog Month

Did you know that November is National Blog Month? Yeah, I didn't either. My fake blog friend Courtney (okay, I don't know her, I just like her blog) is trying to do one new thing each day and blog about it. I would love to do the same, but since it's already November 4th I will shoot for at least a few things this month.

Here are some new things I've done lately:

1. Wore my new pair of $18 Calvin Klein jeans (originally $69 - thank you Macy's) to the grocery

store on Sunday evening with the size tag still attached. Whoops.

2. Voted in Marion County for the first time. I got in a long line wrapping through a church parking lot at 5:45, surprised that so many people were ahead of me. Funny, since I smirked all the way to the polling site thinking, "Boom - that's right, Lindsey! The early bird gets the worm! Yeah!" Anyway, I got up to the doorway and realized I was at the WRONG PLACE. MY precinct was at the Lutheran church across the street, not the Methodist church. I stayed in line for a few more minutes, hoping that they would let me vote anyway and mainly not believing my mistake. Yeah, pretty sure it doesn't work like that, but I was hopeful they would say,
"Sure, come on in and get out of the cold damp air! Here's a pastry and here's your ballot!" Silly, silly, Lindsey.

I think that my voting experience went awry when I saw all the cars in the church parking lot, got excited like Bonnie does when she sees a pedestrian, car, small child, dog, etc. and then swung the car into the parking lot so I could outrace a fellow citizen for a place in line. I liken the experience to Black Friday and waiting in the Target parking lot hoping to score a sweet karaoke machine for $20.

I was able to eventually vote, so do not be concerned. Two hours later, I dropped my ballot through the scanner at the correct religious institution and determined that I had indeed earned a venti Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks. Too bad the line was crazy there too and I had to drive on so I wasn't late for my work conference.

It's been a few weeks since I've blogged, so here are the other happenings at our house -

1. Trip to Effy and Tampa - Two weekends ago, Brent drove his grandparents down to Florida for the winter so I headed to Effingham to spend some time with my grandparents. Bonnie and I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday and with Maw-Maw on Saturday. Baleigh and Sadie the Shih-tzu were there visiting as well so we had a rockin' slumber party. And Bonnie was sooooo good (insert sarcasm here). After the 4th potty-puddle hit the floor on Sunday morning I decided that we had officially worn out our welcome at both grandparents' and it was time to get back to Naptown.

Sadie loves Pringles...and pretending she's a person.

2. Purdue vs. Michigan - Brent, friend Chris and I went to Lafayette for the Purdue/Michigan game this weekend. Purdue has been real stinky this season so we were glad to catch a good game. We won 48 to 42 after a daring hook-and-ladder play. Phew...squeaked one out.


Emily said...

Bonnie's so darn cute!!!

Kickin' It With The Koesters said...

Your mom and I decided that our girls are dang photogenic!
Love that picture.

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