Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three States, Two Wedding Events, One Packed Weekend

I know that I still owe you Day Four of the vacation blog, but let's just be honest with ourselves and admit that the vacation blogs are really dragging on at this point. I am planning a quick and dirty blog in the near future to just put that to rest already! Sheesh.

Brent and I took the day off on Friday and headed to Chicago for the Cubs/Cards game. We made it to the hotel just in time to hop on the croweded train bound for Wrigleyville. I am a somewhat converted Cubs fan, or at least am trying to be. I would love for them to win the World Series this year and get it over with so we're (by we I mean the Cards) are on the same playing field again. I always like to root for the underdog, and since the Cards won a World Series in 2006 I feel like it's time the Cubs get a shot and then we can duke it out again the next year.

Yes, I wore a Cubs shirt. I tell you, I really am supporting this World Series endeavor. BUT I had a Cards hat in the car, too. I'm fickle. I'm also try to prove to my husband that you CAN like more than one team. I like to think that it will catch on like wild fire, and before you know it, peace really has begun with me.

Ryne Sandberg's interview after conducting the 7th Inning Stretch...he is completely blocked by that white pole, so you'll have to use your imagination.

We ate at Giordano's after the Cards smoked the Cubs and we were back downtown. I called down to the conceriege to ask the location and was put on hold for what seemed like 10 minutes. (Probably wasn't that long, but I'm pretty impatient.) I called again and was asked again, "May I put you on hold?" to which I responded, "No, I've been on hold for several minutes already and I just have a quick question." She rattled off some location to me which was perfect, all we needed, right?

So we get to the intersection of Lake and Michigan, and we cannot find this place anywhere. After walking around several more blocks and texting back and forth with Cha-Cha, we found it. The lady failed to mention that this restaurant is in the Prudential Building. Yeah, you can see it from the street, but it's set back a ways and was hard to find.

Two lessons: 1.) I guess if you tell the conceriege what's up, don't expect very thorough directions, and 2.) Just bite the bullet and pay for the monthly data plan. I could have looked that up myself had I been equipped with a Blackberry and internet.

We ate almost an entire medium deep dish-style pizza, by the way. Our waitress doubted us, but I knew that my husband could do it.

The Palmer House funny

On Saturday we left Chicago early for a wedding in Fort Wayne. My college roommate, Lindsay, married this man who absolutely swept her off her feet last year. Yesterday was my first time meeting the groom, but it looks and sounds like he's a perfect match for Lindsay. I don't have pictures of the event, but I'll update tomorrow with something from the archive.
This morning we went to church, took Mad-Dog for a walk in the cemetery, and then I went to Emma's bridal shower in Albion. Ashley and Becca picked me up (THANK YOU!) and it was great catching up with them on the drive over (with lake detours and all). Laura met us at the church in a stunning yellow dress and a fresh, hip, and happenin' hair-cut. She donated her thick, beautiful hair to Locks of Love yesterday, which is about the coolest thing ever. If my hair were thicker and would grow that long I would love to do the same. Laura, you're a rockstar!

New 'Do

Da Bride

We had a great time at the shower and I must give another shout-out to all my friends. We all went to college together and then added the lovely Becca to our group later on through Mel. These are the type of friends that you can go without seeing for a year or more and pick up again like you just talked yesterday. I never feel more refreshed than when I'm out with these amazing women, and it's not just because they laugh at my stories. These are high-quality peeps and I am lucky to have found them all! Can't wait to see EVERYONE at Emma's wedding!

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Nick and Jill Juday said...

Sounds like you had a crazy busy weekend....thanks for making the trip to the shower! It was great to see you! :)