Monday, September 8, 2008

Southern Splendor

Here is your fair warning: the following blogs are going to be full of vacation photos and daily details, so don't let yourself get "blogged" down in it all (ha ha ha). Just move away and catch up with me when I'm more entertaining. I have to post a lot of details though, because this is my quick way to scrapbook for now. I would love to do scrapbook after scrapbook, but I facing reality here. I probably won't have time to scrapbook until I live in Shady Pines Retirement Village and my busiest day involves water aerobics and basket-weaving being schedule at the same time. Not that I'm making fun of that in any will be lovely when I am ready for that.

Anyway, here we go...

Day One - "The Stars Fell on Alabama"

On Friday, August 22nd Brent and I left for our Southern roadtrip right after work. The final destination of the trip was my friend Lucy's wedding in Houston over Labor Day weekend.

We started our adventure off the right way with a supper stop at the Cracker Barrel in Cave City, KY. More sweet tea, please. Dino World was also at the same exit but we'll save that for another trip.

We made it to Decatur, Alabama before stopping for the night. Highlights of Day One included:

* A group of men with mullets carrying cases of beer across our hotel parking lot as we unloaded the car. Then they crawled underneath a fence and headed off to the woods with a beer. Sounds like the fixin's for a good time!

* Stopping at a rest area that had an old space shuttle anchored to the ground.

* Brent's first time playing the name game in the car. You know, you pick a topic and then go back and forth as you work through the alphabet...

So....not many highlights in Alabama.

Stay tuned for Day Two...

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