Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Quick Blog for Good Measure...

It's Wednesday night already! This week is flying by! Here's a little recap of our weekend:

I made it home around 4:00 on Friday morning due to lovely US Airways and their flight delays. After working a full day (because there was stuff I felt like I just HAD to get done on Friday) on two hours of sleep I was pretty out of it that night and we didn't do much. Well, other than burning my arm in the oven while trying to take out a pizza. Someone with no sleep and correlated inertia problems (you know that feeling, like you can't stand up straight?) shouldn't be swinging her arm around in the oven. Correction: no one should swing their arm in the oven.

P.S. - I know this isn't a bad burn, but I had to include these pictures after I tried about 12 different times to make my arm look thin and not pasty while my husband watched in disbelief that I was taking pictures of my arm. That's his foot in the background.

On Saturday we went to our friend Lindsay's wedding. We've known Lindsay and her husband Craig since Brent and I started working with her in the summer of 2005 at BKD. Lindsay and I also interned together the summer before that, as well, she in the Indy office and me in Fort Wayne. She was also the friend who mentioned to me the fall after we started working that Brent was sure a nice guy and wouldn't I consider dating him? I had to break the news to her that Brent already had a girlfriend - me. Surprise!

Lindsay's mom made her dress and all the bridesmaids' dresses and they were all beautiful! If you live in the Indy area and need some alterations done (or a wedding dress made from scratch), she's the woman to call! I can get you her name and contact info if you need it, seriously.

Craig and Lindsay's reception was held in a neighborhood clubhouse close to our house, which made it pretty easy to dance the night away. I believe we were the last table left...we knew it was time to go when they whisked away our tablecloth.

You can't have enough pictures of the boys with their arms crossed!

Tonight we're packing for our roadtrip to New Orleans and Texas. We're leaving Friday after work and will be in New Orleans 2 nights, Austin, San Antonio, and finish in Houston for the Lovely Lucy's wedding. Cross your fingers that this girl has a good eating week so the zipper of her dress doesn't spontaneously rip open during the ceremony and takes someone out with the catapulting zipper handle. Yeah....little nervous about that one. Never, never, never order a bridesmaid dress that's a little smaller than you would normally wear and then count on losing a little weight. Oh wait, I believe everyone already knows that. Consider that a note to self.

Oh, and I leave you with puppy pictures! Yay for puppies! This one is Bonnie and her sister...I'm not sure which is Bonnie and which is her sister, but when we go to pick her up on the 22nd of September we'll find out then! :)

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Rachel said...

I am in love with Bonnie and her sister!!! Oh my gosh, they are so adorable! I can't wait til you get back from your trip so you can pick up Bonnie! On that note, have a blast on your deserve to forget about school, work, and studying for 10 whole days and have a good time! We are really going to miss you both...10 days without Brent and Lindsey...what on earth will we do?!?!