Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live from Columbia, It's Tuesday Night!

Hi All,

Sorry for my temporary blogging hiatus. I'm back! No pictures for now, but better than nothing!

Yes, it is Tuesday night, which is good news since all day long I've been thinking it's Monday. What a pleasant surprise! :) This blog is coming to you from Columbia, South Carolina from my room at the Hyatt Place. Lovely accomodations, just lovely. And for just $87 a night! I'm here for a Leadership Bootcamp where I will be drafting my personal leadership essay/mantra/compass - whatever you want to call it. I'm not sure if any of my employees will care what my leadership mantra is, but I'm going to give it a shot. I learned lots of good tidbits today and hope to put them into practice. We flew in late last night and will get home late Thursday night, so quick trip.

So what's going on with us lately?

1. Football season is upon us - Brent got the Purdue tickets in the mail and went to the annual Fantasy Football draft party this Saturday night. He did not get Drew Brees as his QB, but I think otherwise he was pleased with his lineup. Any other details would have to come from him, because I'm out of them...

2. While Brent was at his party, I was in Kendallville this weekend for my college roommate's bridal shower. Lindsay is getting married on September 20 and I'm very happy for her! Her shower was at The Bagel Station (remember the yummy cake we took to Abba?) and was so nice. I was pleased to see the same cake on the table when I walked in. After the shower I met Mel and her man-friend Andy (as he's now called) at Starbucks. It was nice to catch up over our favorite beverage. Mom, Dad and Rob met me at The Cork'n Cleaver to celebrate Mom and Dad's 28th Anniversary. Yum!

3. I was in Columbus the last full week of July evaluating contract proposals for a manpower contract. The only reason I mention it is to show you where a full week of my every waking minute went, and also serve as an excuse for not blogging. We worked like DOGS. Like 12-14+ hours, order-pizza-in-the-lobby-of-the-hotel, 5 hours of sleep type of days. We finished what we went there to do, so yay for us!

4. On Friday the 1st we celebrated Rachel's graduation from grad school! We went to La Hacienda in Carmel with her family and some other friends. We went back to her brother's house later for cake and beverages. Congrats, Rachel!

5. I have to say we're pumped for Lindsay (different than Shower Lindsay in #2) and Craig's wedding this Saturday! We should get to see old BKD friends who we haven't really hung out with since a wedding last July.

6. This news is too exciting to be #6, but I'm too lazy to change the order now. We recently received news that our puppy-on-hold was born on July 26th! Bonnie the Westie will come home with us in mid-September. I've been promised pictures from her mom (until I'm her mom), but nothing yet. I'll post when they arrive.

7. We are only a week and a half away from our Louisiana/Texas roadtrip. Aghhh, I can hardly wait.

Random question - did anyone else hear about Angelina and Brad's plan to adopt more kids from Cambodia soon? I don't even know if it's Cambodia, but I'm hungry and I don't want to fact-find. Seriously, this is clearly the behavior of people who have a whole team of nannies to raise their children, because I don't know of anyone in their right minds who would be seriously considering adopting more children after just giving birth to BABY #5 and BABY #6! Thoughts please, or feel free to tell me if this is just celebrity gossip. I try not to get bogged down in any celebrity gossip because there are other things to talk about, but that was just too crazy when I read it.


Rachel said...

Hey! I am so happy to see a post, even though there are no pictures. I know you have been busy! I hope SC is treating you well. I am absolutely certain that your employees will value everything you learn at camp just as much as you do! :-) I am very excited because I got a PDA last weekend. Yes, I am now obsessed with my phone too. I have to tell you, I didn't have much interest in them, but I am now in love. You need one too! We are also exciting about the upcoming wedding! I am assuming that Brian and Shawna will be there...Justin is clueless as usual. I might need to discuss with you on Saturday your attire for the wedding. I am in a bind. I am rambling here because it means procrastinating REG studying. I know you can relate to that one. Anywho, I still haven't gotten my scores back, and I am rather annoyed. Maybe we will both get scores on Friday, so we can celebrate you passing FAR and me passing BEC. I wish! Well, now that I have left the longest comment ever, I think I will go. Enjoy the rest of bootcamp! PS This doesn't have spell check so please ignore any mistakes. Thanks.

Rachel said...

I also meant to address your question about Brangelina...I do know that they plan to adopt more in the near future. I read that they want to adopt from as many different countries as possible and have at least 9 kids. Yes, crazy. But don't you think these kids are better off with them than being raised in poor countries? Hope that helps! In other news, I just read that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up. While celebrity gossip may be useless knowledge, it sure keeps me entertained!

ashley said...

i must admit i find celebrity gossip very entertaining. i'm ver addicted to the blog evilbeet and it's pure smut.

Kickin' It With The Koesters said...

Hey Brent! I know Purdue's #82, freshman tight-end, Crosby Wright. He is from Carbondale! He was the first student that we met last December. His brother is a freshman on Dan's team.

Brent and Lindsey said...

LoKo - Brent says awesome...and cool! He is running downstairs to grab his roster right now, and said he'll watch for him this year. Tell Dan to keep pushing those boys up to West Laf