Sunday, June 15, 2008

One if by land, Two if by sea...

The next fun summer event occurred the next weekend, the first weekend in June. I took a half-day at work on Friday and flew to Boston to see Mel! It was just a quick weekend trip, but we were pretty determined to do as much as we could...and we did, we really did.

My flight got in later than planned (a common theme of the air travel on this trip), so after Mel picked me up from the airport we enjoyed a glass of wine on her awesome roof deck and then headed to the Florentine Cafe for a late dinner of lobster ravioli and all the bread they would bring us. Mel's apartment is in the North End near the Old North Church, Paul Revere's house, and close to Boston Harbor. Sound cool? That's because it is. Her apartment happens to be in a very Italian district, which means all the pasta, cannolli, and gelato you can stand.

A view of Mel's street and the church where Rose Kennedy's funeral was held

Mel walking down her street

Saturday was filled with the complete walking tour of Boston. Since I'm her seven or eighth visitor (or more, Mel?) since she moved out there last summer, her tour-guide abilities have become pretty advanced. Sights of the day were: Beacon Hill, Boston Common, the public gardens, Hahvard, some Kate Spade shopping on Newbury Street (which includes incredible self-control with NOT buying an insanely-expensive bag that I had almost talked myself into), Cheers, and....well lots of other stuff. Other highlights of the day were: eating pastries for breakfast at the famous Mike's Pastry down the street from her apartment and drinking a Sam Adams while looking at Sam Adams - his grave, anyway.

Getting the day started off right.

We were loving these flowers...I have to get some! Is it true they're called Allium? Anyone know how hardy they are...I'm prone to killing things from neglect :(
George Washington statue in the Public Gardens

Thank you, Mr. Adams, here's one for you!

Now, maybe I'm being juvenile, but do you think that Mr. John Hancock's tombstone is unnecessarily phallic? Look at the shape, the wording on the stone, the last name...seems like someone is messing with us. Maybe we just need to grow be the judge

The steps of Harvard's library

Another view of Harvard. I've wanted to get a Harvard Law degree ever since Legally Blonde. Good reason, eh? Well, since that's probably never going to happen, I bought a t-shirt at the bookstore instead. Close enough.

Saturday was also insanely hot and humid, so we rested for awhile back at the apt. until we met Mel's friend Donca for dinner at Legal's Seafood. Legal's is famous for the clam chowder that is served at every Presidential Inaugural Ball. It was delish. I asked for the kettle and a ladle instead of just a bowl - hey, I'm only in Boston once - but fortunately for my pants they didn't bring it to me.

The $200 Catch of the Day. No thanks, just clam chowder for me, please!

After dinner, we met some more of Mel's very lovely grad school friends and headed to the Top of the Hub for martinis. This is the highest observation deck in Boston and was very, very cool. We finished the night at the Cactus Club then cabbed it home.

Top of the Hub!

Foreigners in Baaaahston - Lindsey and Mel from Indiana, Betty from Toronto, and Donca from Connecticut

We slept in on Sunday and then had lunch at The Purple Shamrock near the oldest street in America. I had the lobster roll, another New England delicacy, and topped it off with vanilla gelato. Have any of you blog readers out there noticed that this blog revolves around food? Okay, I thought so. I'm sure of my point when I mention this...maybe I just realized it myself. ANYWAY, I had to be at the airport around 3-ish, so the rest of the short afternoon was spent down at the harbor and strolling the North End. Thanks for your hospitality, Mel!!! I plan to do everything in my power to make it there one more time before you're done with grad school!

A shot of a festival that happens most weekends in the summer on Mel's street. It's a religious festival, but this "band" plays the Godfather theme song each time. Something's not right about that...

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