Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brent's 7 Things...

I totally left my husband out of my 7 things post. And now I feel selfish, and bad. Here are Brent's 3.5 things...(he would only agree to half...)

1. It's no secret that Brent loves Purdue. Brent loves ALL sports and watches them obsessively. His football teams: football- Purdue and the Colts, basketball - Purdue, baseball - the Cubs, golf - Tiger (but he likes Phil too). This pretty much provides him with something to watch the whole year.

2. Brent has incredibly high tolerance for my Velveteen rabbit that still sleeps with me/us at night. There, I guess that's a weird thing about me, too.

3. Brent loves history and geography. When these categories come up on Jeopardy, watch out!

3.5. He could eat a Subway sandwich every meal of the day. He has eaten this for both lunch and dinner more times than I care to admit, as his wife. I need to cook more for this poor man! If he gets a Club for lunch, he'll get Chicken Teriyaki for dinner to mix things up.


Rachel said...

That is funny...Justin could eat Subway twice a days and not get sick of it either. They are so easy to please!

The Bigelows said...

good for brent for sharing 3.5 things! :) i didn't even bother asking andrew, although now i'm thinking maybe i should have!